a review with boden

lately, i find myself gravitating towards the same basic pieces and colors – slouchy tees, skinny jeans, grey, black, etc – and while i feel most comfortable in my go-to’s, it never hurts to mix in a flirty skirt or a bright color here and there.  needing a little spring wardrobe pick-me-up, i was all too eager to review a clothing item from the british line, boden.  i chose this skirt because it reminds me of warmer weather and sunshiny days.  not to mention, it’s a great addition to my rather boring office attire.  great quality, great fit… i couldn’t be happier.  head on over to boden to shop beautiful, fun clothing for women, men and children.

a few of my favorites:  summer jersey blazer / monte carlo dress / fancy emroidered a-line

tshirt – american apparel
skirt – c.o boden
pumps – shoemint

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Boden through their partnership with POPSUGAR.  While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Boden, all opinions are my own.

07. April 2014 by paige
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saturday sounds / ms mr

“keep my eyes open
my lips sealed
my heart closed
and my ears peeled”

hurricane by ms mr

08. March 2014 by paige
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huntley collective giveaway WINNER

just a quick post to let you know that the winner of the huntley collective giveaway is… jen delancy!

congrats!  you’ll get your antler, soon.

thanks to all who entered!

05. March 2014 by paige
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worn / date night 03

date night.  very important for married couples…especially if you have children.  it’s nice to get away… even if just down the street for a quiet dinner and uninterrupted conversation.

as i was getting ready, my mind wandered to my single days… days of eharmony dis connections and blind dates – quite possibly more exciting/scary than going on a date with someone you see every day, but not without its own anxieties and potential insecurities.  what do we talk about?  will he notice this pimple on my chin?  and most importantly: should i shave my legs??

ahhh…those were the days.  ?

in opposition to those thoughts, i shared the following ”married woman” sentiments via facebook, hoping to get a knowing smirk or an amen here or there from my married friends…

reason #113 why being married might be better than being single:  it’s date night with your husband… and the pimple on your chin causes ZERO stress.  yeehaw. 

reason #114:  the push up bra stays home.  i mean…what’s there to “push up” after two kids, anyway?

reason #115:  i can get sloppy drunk.  and while that’s frowned upon on a first date, my husband will undoubtedly be excited with the idea. 

so anyway, if there was a point to this story it might be – sure, you wake up to that dragon breath every morning and maybe conversation is lacking, but cover that zit no matter how many times your husband has seen you without makeup, wear that push up bra proud and go ahead and get sloppy drunk.  because why not.

cross body bag

shop the post

25. February 2014 by paige
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CLOSED a giveaway / huntley collective

happy monday, friends.  today i’m here to offer this dope giveaway from amanda of huntley collective home decor & accessories.  you may recognize the name from previous giveaways, as she’s also the founder and designer of gage huntley jewelry – a line of customizable accessories and other unique pieces.  check her out!

giveaway details:  the item you see above has been hand-painted by amanda and makes for the perfect addition to your home – mantle decor, jewelry holder, etc.

to enter:
1.  please follow huntley collective via facebook and instagram
2.  please follow house of ginger on facebook
3.  leave a comment below with your name and email address

giveaway is open from now until sunday, march 2nd at noon, PST.  winner will be announced on monday, march 3rd.

*offer only available to US and canadian residents.

thanks for entering and GOOD LUCK.

ps.  amanda is also offering 25% off to all house of ginger readers with code houseofginger.  use it.

(photos by me.)

24. February 2014 by paige
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saturday sounds on sunday / neon trees

sleeping with a friend
neon trees


23. February 2014 by paige
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worn / on vday

ah, valentine’s day.  it’s not really my cup of tea.  if you love someone, tell them daily.  if you wanna buy me flowers, do it on a random thursday in june.  i’m just saying… one shouldn’t need a specific day of the year to get fancy and wow their luv-ah.  we sat on the couch and watched the walking dead.  i ate chocolate covered frozen bananas.  nothing says romance like flesh-eating zombies and me in my pajamas.  but…to each their own.

i will say this though – pink pumps.  you say valentine’s day and i bust out the pink pumps.

top - marshall’s (similar)
gap skinnies
shoemint bess pumps
- sold out (similar)
clutch – shelter protects you
necklace – c.o gage huntley

19. February 2014 by paige
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worn / peter pilotto for target

i stood in front of target at 7 am last sunday, my face plastered to the glass door like a suckerfish – for a dress.  this dress.  my birthday dress.  there were other girls in line – maybe 10 total.  we were very pleasant, laughing and chatting about fashion.  but as soon as that target employee unlocked the door, i elbowed a couple of those bitches out-of-the-way and fast walked toward the peter pilotto collection.  (didn’t want to appear too eager.)  i grabbed this dress and a few other items and headed to the dressing rooms.  obviously the dress didn’t disappoint.  (the fabric is soft and light, but the bodice could be tighter.)  it made me feel über feminine and princess-y.  i ended up with this skirt, too. 

so, i’m 34 now.  hooray.  a year older, a year wiser.  a year closer to botox.  (i see you, wrinkles!  back off.)  but here’s something -because of pilates, my butt is higher than ever before and i have calf muscles that i never knew existed.

so cheers to being a 30-something.  it’s not so bad.

more peter pilotto

14. February 2014 by paige
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worn / the shirt dress

found this little gem of a dress on the clearance rack at marshall’s and fell. in. love.  perfect fit, a-line skirt, pockets, sassy belt… ring it up!  obviously.

also, knees.  i’m showing a bit of my knees.  i mean, how often do you see them?  i’m that girl who wears pants, maxi skirts, midi skirts – because i’ve never been a fan of my knees.  but i’ll be 34 tomorrow and i’ve decided – i ain’t got time to be insecure about that!  so… knees.  expect to see them some more.  maybe even the tops of them.  but baby steps.

vince camuto dress
shoemint bess pumps (sold out)

12. February 2014 by paige
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worn / vintage plaid 02

i’m still very much into this plaid skirt phase.  only this time, i decided to go casual/quirky – a tee, a denim jacket and ankle boots.  easy and fun.

more importantly, it’s my birthday week!!  i’m channeling only good vibes.  ya dig?

happy monday, friends.

vintage tee – amandromeda
vintage skirt
steve madden naples boot
denim jacket – target

10. February 2014 by paige
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