our weekend

weekend photos via instagram.

books, food, friends – that about sums up our weekend, but here are a few highlights…

zoey did not sleep in.  why would she?  she only does that when we have to get up and be somewhere before 730 am.  kids, man.  anyway, we got an early start and met some friends at a local family event complete with snow (driven in from who knows where), an elsa impersonator, 3 bounce houses, junk food, face painting, a dj and a pelvic-thrusting elmo.  ps.  this elmo had boobs… which my friend megan so quickly pointed out.  no, we were not drinking.  that came later.  oh!  but guess what? i finally tried the starbucks version of the flat white and i dig it.

now, as a parent, you take your kids to these types of events hoping to tire their little asses out.  but of course, zoey didn’t nap.  so we watched big hero 6, then went to megan’s house for dinner.  the kids played and the adults ate and drank.  standard.  by the time we left, z was exhausted and fell asleep in the car.  once home, we cozied up under the warm blankets and drifted off to the sound of the rain.  it was a good day.

we slept in!  sweet baby jesus, we slept in.  i finished the first bad man by miranda july while sipping coffee and zoey watched big hero 6.  again.  half way through, she side-eyed me and said in a very conspiratorial voice, “moooooommyyyy, what do you say we go get donuts???” and wiggled her brows, no joke.  so we high-fived, got dressed and headed out.  the rest of our day went like this…

book store
play ground
burgers + fries for lunch (i tried a fried egg on my burger for the first time!)
no nap
more movies/shows
lots of rain
jumping on the bed
pizza for dinner
story time

i was asleep before 9.  it was awesome.

so, here’s to a good week!

ps.  i tend to buy/read books in 3s.  next up:
it’s kind of a funny story

and also, the poem in the middle – it’s my favorite so i shared it.

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saturday sounds / fitz & the tantrums

fools gold
fitz & the tantrums

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#tbt style icon with boohoo.com

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happy thursday, kittens!

today, i’m sharing my little collab with boohoo.com.  they asked me to choose a dress from their collection based on my personal style icon – jane birkin.  if you don’t know who jane is, get educated ladies.  first, she’s a babe.  second, her style.  effortless, minimal, masculine/feminine – a beautiful mix of wide leg trousers, basics, and sexy little shift dresses.  plus, great hair.  i chose this dress (c/o – thank you, boohoo!) because it exudes that boho/jane birkin/60s/70s-vibe.

everything i wear doesn’t put me in the league of women.  if i were a boy, i could look a lot prettier than a lot of boys i know. – jane birkin

who’s your style icon?

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worn / the silk scarf

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i bought this scarf because it was on sale.  quite frankly, it was an impulse buy.  i got home and i was like – now whatwho can i tie up?  just kidding.  ish.  so i do what i always do when i’m stumped… i google it.  ironically, i found an article on the jcrew website (!) talking about how to wear silk scarves.  jackpot.  i love stealing ideas.  so here you have it.  wear the scarf under the cardigan.  who knew?  it acts as a blouse, minus all that bunching.  granted, i don’t have long model legs, so the scarf hangs a little too long.  however!  i dig the deep v look.

what do you think?  would you try this?  do i look ridiculous?

sweater – h&m (old)
jeans – local boutique
aimee kestenberg
crossbody (no longer available)
gage huntley dagger lariat
shoemint pumps

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try this / peekaboo straps

bralettes from top to bottom:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4
paired with – daftbird even lower scoop slub tank  (obsessed!)

i dig this trend so much.  and while i’m no stranger to the coyness of showing a bit of lace under a vneck tshirt or a sheer blouse, this is different.  it’s sexier… edgier.

what do you think?

other ways to wear it here here and here

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worn / this giant scarf

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ah, the giant blanket scarf.  all the ladies are wearing them.  i think they’re a bit obnoxious, so this is as big as i go.  otherwise, i may as well just leave the house with an actual blanket around my shoulders.  which would look silly.  and all day i’d have to bark at people like – what??  i’m really cold, okay?  geez. 

also, there are so many ways to tie/drape/style these things.  i don’t get it.  i’ve attempted and failed multiple times.  it’s pretty bad.  so bad in fact, that at one point i got the scarf stuck in my hair (how??) and then punched myself in the face trying to unknot the damn thing!  i should make a video – how not to tie a giant blanket scarf.

so basically i’m a two-trick pony… over the shoulders like a shawl or the loopty loop you see in photo 3.


jcrew scarf (on sale, no longer on site.)
lou & grey top (on sale, no longer on site.)
jeans from anthropologie (old)
belt – diament designs - 40% off right now!

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our weekend

sundaycollage2weekendcollage1Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
it was a good weekend!  saturday brought rain, so i stayed close to home – read, watched tv, did some laundry.  alone time is nice.  but sunday was sunny and warm, so after pilates zoey and i went on a mini hike with some of our friends.  it’s amazing what the outdoors will do for your mood!  not to mention zoey was wiped and took a great afternoon nap.

the selfie you see above is to share my first attempt at a “cat eye.”  that shit is hard to do!  but i’m going to keep practicing.  as silly as it may be, perfecting this little makeup trick is one of the many items on my things to do in 2015 list.  i’m turning 35 in a few days, so i made a list of things i want to accomplish this year.  some things are big, some are small.  more on that in a later post.  maybe this week.

also, i finished reading i am that girl by alexis jones and i’ve been drinking hot lemon water every morning.  stay tuned for a book review and my thoughts on all things lemon.

so much to look forward to!  haha.

i hope you had a lovely weekend!

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saturday sounds / k.flay

make me fade


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oh sweet friday / vol 54

just a little encouragement to get you through LIFE.
(image via)

happy friday, my dear lady friends!

i thought i’d get back into the swing of oh sweet friday by sharing a few of my faves from this week.

but first, allow me to state and explain the obvious… i’m trying to blog more.  it’s a bit of a love/hate struggle – finding the time, building content, feeling like my voice will get lost in a sea of other blogs who are doing it better (what insecurity?) but i love it – as trivial or silly as it sometimes is – fashion talk, posting photos of myself, etc… but at the end of the day, it’s more about writing, creating and sharing.  pilates/running, reading, blogging – these are my outlets.  okay, fine.  and beer.  beer is a delicious outlet, as well.  so cheers to me posting more, finding new ways to express myself and sharing content that doesn’t bore you to tears.

on to the links!

*lately, i’ve been obsessed with all things beauty-related.  from researching eye creams, to perusing korean beauty websites… ob. sessed.  so when i came across into the gloss via shopping for glossier products, i squealed like a little piggy.  it’s not a new blog, i’m just late to the scene.  a scene that is full of well-written articles about make up, facial products and even beauty diy.

*i’m not going to call anyone out because that would be rude, but some of you need to read this – twelve common grammar mistakes made by smart adults

*i am so for this awesomeness.  i’d be a literal tree hugger and i’m okay with that.  i reposted this on facebook several weeks ago, but thought i’d share here, too.  oh, you’re not following me on facebook??  that’s a shame.  there’s a fb link to the left if you feel so inclined.


*next up on my to-read list:  animal farm / nobody is ever missingi didn’t come here to make friends:  confessions of a reality show villain

that’s all i got!  enjoy the weekend!

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try this / culottes


the culotte is a little bit of an ‘f-you’ piece.  it’s such a power move because it isn’t a conventionally sexy look.  it says, ‘i don’t care and i still look better than you even though you’re wearing a miniskirt.’ it’s androgynous but feminine at the same time. – Lowell Delaney, co-designer of the two-year-old London label, Trager Delaney

photos: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

i owned two pairs of cotton culottes several years ago.  i wore them all. the. time.  unfortunately, my fashion sense hadn’t evolved to the point of thinking to style them with a blouse and a pair of heels.  i don’t even know if i was wearing heels that weren’t over 2 inches high (back then.)  in fact, i’m not even so sure culottes were actually in style!  ahead of my time, i tell ya.  *wink wink*

so here we are, 9 years later… i’m ecstatic that this style is “in”, as i find it to be incredibly versatile – dress them up for work or go casual for a brunch date with friends.  more inspiration.  

i know that several of you probably aren’t convinced.  after all, this maxi skirt/wide-leg trouser hybrid of a pant may not flatter all shapes and sizes.  i imagine it probably looks best on tall, leggy gals with skinny ankles, but then again, they may hide those american thighs… know what i’m sayin?

shop culottes on asos.

*quote via this article.

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