4th of july weekend

it was a pretty fantastic weekend.

i had some time to kill on thursday afternoon, so i perused the local goodwill.  walked away with a couple of goodies, but the nearly brand new steve martin book for 99 cents was the golden find.  i finished the book over the weekend and love love loved it.  (he’s so dreamy.)

zoey had a play date during the day on friday, refused to nap that afternoon, stuffed herself with hot dog and corn on the cob for dinner, lost her mind a bit over the fireworks, then fell asleep in my arms during the grand finale.  will someone please remind me why i still tiptoe all over the house while she’s snoozing?  never again.  also, red lipstick.  (see photo above.)

saturday was spent lounging on a raft in a pool.  it was easily 100 degrees in the valley.  i got a little crisp, but my tan is coming along nicely.  #hotdogsorlegs (see photo above.)

sunday was pilates, then lounging at home in the ac.  we’re not so outdoorsy in the summer.  but we do have a water table and a garden hose, so…haha, summer!  suck it.


07. July 2014 by paige
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  1. Gorgeous photography! I love how effortless it looks.

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