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like, how hard is it to write a beauty review?  i’ve been staring at the screen for 30 mins.  typing, deleting, typing, deleting… do i start with something funny?  do i just get right to the point?  does anyone even care?  (hi, i’m new here!)  i guess i’ll just tell you that these beauty-related posts are gonna start happening more often – products i like, reviews, diy, maybe a video here and there… so let’s get started, shall we?

eye creams.  we’re all looking to de-puff and brighten, am i right?  maybe fill in those laugh lines or crows feet?  yeah… amen, sisters. i don’t know if it was turning 35 last month or the fact that i’m usually up late reading scottish porn (currently reading outlander), but either way, sometimes i just look tired.  so i’ve been on the look out for an eye cream that focuses on hydrating the under eye area and reduces the appearance of dark circles.  not so much wrinkles.  i don’t really have any.  boom!  take that, age.

here’s the skinny.  i do have a wish list of somewhat expensive beauty products, but they’re not in the budget at this time.  for example, i am currently coveting kat rudu cooling cucumber eye bright gel, but it’s like – do we eat for the week or do i choose to look well-rested?  i know, tough.  but i will always choose eating over anything.

so i headed to target in search of the aforementioned eye cream – hydrating and dark circle reducing, but affordable.  my mom recommended boots, so i made a beeline and immediately zoned in on their botanics line.  apparently these products are considered organic, using only (or mostly) plant extracts and active ingredients.  sold.

the review

product – boots botanics age defense hydrating eye cream
– 15.99
details – meant to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.  contains ginkgo extract.
my experience – i’ve been using this cream for about 3 weeks, but noticed a difference within the first few days.  the under eye area appears softer and any fine lines that i do have, seem to be “filled in”, if you will.  i believe the dark circles/bags have diminished, but not entirely (thanks, genetics!)  i don’t feel like i need to use as much concealer, so there’s that!  the only bummer may be that it didn’t seem to hold up well under makeup, causing creasing under the eye.  because of this, i only use the eye cream at night, applying after washing and moisturizing.  for the price, i think this is a great addition to any skin care routine.

fyi – i apply to the orbital bone, then use my ring finger (it has the lightest touch) to gently dab the product into the eye area.  never rub!  the skin below your eye is very delicate.

what is your go to eye cream?  i’d love to know!

19. March 2015 by paige
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  1. GIRL! lemme tell you about THIS!
    and they have a moble app, but I havent tried it. Anyway, this website lets you search by brand or product type etc and they have a rating of how “bad” the ingredients are as far their own guide goes. It looks pretty intense and already I found that products I thought were all natural and good for me turned out to still contain things that ARE NOT! Its pretty interesting to check out either way!! I have made a few switches in my beauty care because of this actually :)

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