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Glossier is about living in—and embracing—the now, not the past, and not the future. It’s about fun and freedom and being OK with yourself today. It’s about being nice to people and knowing that a smile begets a smile. Snobby isn’t cool, happy is cool. – Emily Weiss (founder/creator/HBIC of Glossier)

a few months ago i came across glossier via instagram.  based on their feed alone, it didn’t take long before i was smitten – simple but sleek packaging, dewy skinned models and this overall cool-girl vibe.  and then of course, the concept.  providing women with products that aid in perfecting that “no makeup” makeup look… enhancing your natural features, not covering them up.  i had to have it.  all.  so, as a treat to myself on my 35th, i  purchased phase 1 – moisturizer, balm, face mist and the tint.  the products came in a pink bubble wrap pouch (i die) with stickers (a la lisa frank) to decorate my bottles and tubes and even my trapper keeper if i feel like it.  ha!

i’m excited to share my review of this line because i love what it stands for.  plus, emily is a kick-ass business woman who has created a line that is geared towards celebrating (your) natural beauty.  major girl crush for that alone.  i also love that the glossier team has cultivated a fun, interactive online presence.  especially on instagram.  they want you to share your experience and they often regram and share photos.  it’s just fun.  they make you feel like you’re a part of something.  so!  on to the review…

priming moisturizer
(included in phase 1)
a very light-weight moisturizer that is meant to sort of “plump” and prepare the skin for makeup.  i really want to love this, but as a daily moisturizer, under makeup, it just made my face feel oily after a couple of hours.  i have since started using jojoba oil as a daily moisturizer and it works wonders for my skin type.  this moisturizer might be best for dry or combination skin.

mega greens galaxy pack + moisturizing moon mask
(not included in the phase 1)
love love love!  a must have.  i’ve tried many a face mask in my day and these far surpass anything i’ve used.  the mega greens is literally a detox for your face.  it will pull some shit out, so be prepared.  the moisturizing moon mask is incredibly moisturizing.  my face feels so soft and looks radiant for a day or two after using.  i’m telling you, these masks are perfection.

balm dotcom 
(included in phase 1)
fun little play on words, eh?  balm dotcom is a fancy version of aquaphor.  no joke, throw this little tube in your purse and you’re like the MacGyver of beauty.  it’ll take care of just about anything – chapped lips, a paper cut, jacked up cuticles, dry elbows…
here’s a tip:  swipe a little bit across your eyebrows!  sounds silly, but for real!  i’ve been brushing my brows up and the balm sort of acts as a pomade.  i also tint my eyebrows, so when the tint starts to fade, the balm makes them look a bit darker.

soothing face mist
(included in phase 1)
my other must have.  made with rosewater and aloe, this mist is meant to calm and hydrate the skin.
tips + tricks:  mist your face (instead of using water) to dampen skin before applying the masks.  it’s also great as a toner.  simply spray it on a cotton pad and apply to your face!  i don’t wash my face in the am, so this is a great way to prep it for moisturizer.

perfecting skin tint
i prefer a bit more coverage for work or going out; however, this is a great product if you’re looking to add a bit of color but don’t want to look “done up.”  i’m talking running errands on the weekend, maybe a day at the beach, a trip to the gym, etc.

have you tried any glossier products?  if so, share your experiences below!  and i’m happy to answer any questions.

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*the beautiful illustrations you see above were created by my super talented friend kim.  she’s a graphic designer/illustrator who blogs over at KRB.  she is also responsible for the house of ginger logo.  (if you’re looking for a graphic designer – she’s your girl.)  thank you so much, kim!  as always, you’re amazing.

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  2. so, i use the moisturizer, skin tint and balm. i actually really love the combo of the moisturizer + the skin tint. i feel like my skin can…breathe? but i don’t love the skin tint when i use it with other moisturizers. not a great mix.

    • hey, p! i do agree with you in that regard. the same can be said with the moisturizer – it doesn’t work well with other foundation/makeup/tint. thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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