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currently / september

this weekend in photos –i tried to make fall happen by wearing a jacket and fall colors.  didn’t work.  it’s been in the 90s. -you know your bff is getting old when… HER CAKE BURSTS INTO FLAMES.  geezus. -i’m in the … Continue reading

21. September 2015 by paige
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currently / october

some looks never make it off the cutting room floor, but i was always sort of into this photo.  i dig the vibe.  plus, i wanted to give a little shout out to whiskey and honey for that amazing vintage trucker hat (not c/o, … Continue reading

03. October 2014 by paige
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currently / december

photos from IL/CA christmas, 2013 – follow me on instagram. loving :: that we get to press restart/refresh in just a handful of hours. reading :: the happiness project by gretchen rubin.  yes, it’s “self-help”… but not in a way that … Continue reading

31. December 2013 by paige
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currently / september

talking life, politics… the usual. i miss blogging, you guys.  i have all these inspired thoughts and ideas and things to share but then i sit down in front of my computer and stare at the screen, my fingers ready to tap tap tap … Continue reading

17. September 2013 by paige
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