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I know that 2016 was a shitty shit show for a lot of you, but for me – it was sort of empowering. I left a job that I felt totally stuck in. That’s right.. after 10 years, I quit. I … Continue reading

02. January 2017 by paige
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that happiness vibe

sometimes the stars and the planets align in such a way that everything feels right and beyond freaking wonderful and it’s kinda odd so you squeeze your eyes shut and praaaaaaay pleasepleaseplease that the happiness vibe sticks around til the end of … Continue reading

06. June 2016 by paige
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goals / 2016

(#goalsaf cuff – get yours here / this quote is EVERYTHING to me right now / just… be more stoked! / sometimes you need to put reminders on your mirror so that you see it every day.) I didn’t make … Continue reading

28. January 2016 by paige
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our weekend

weekend photos via instagram. books, food, friends – that about sums up our weekend, but here are a few highlights… saturday zoey did not sleep in.  why would she?  she only does that when we have to get up and be somewhere before … Continue reading

02. March 2015 by paige
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our weekend

it was a good weekend!  saturday brought rain, so i stayed close to home – read, watched tv, did some laundry.  alone time is nice.  but sunday was sunny and warm, so after pilates zoey and i went on a mini hike with some … Continue reading

09. February 2015 by paige
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two thousand fifteen

image no resolutions for this girl.  not officially. 2015 is all about no looking back, no expectations… simplifying my life.  focusing on what’s important.  who’s important.  and to remember that it’s okay to make mistakes, because, i mean… you have to … Continue reading

01. January 2015 by paige
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hello!  i hope your week has been fantastic.  mine has been rather busy.  we’re headed to illinois tomorrow, so every night after work has consisted of either running errands or doing laundry and packing in preparation.  traveling with a toddler requires a … Continue reading

24. July 2014 by paige
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4th of july weekend

it was a pretty fantastic weekend. i had some time to kill on thursday afternoon, so i perused the local goodwill.  walked away with a couple of goodies, but the nearly brand new steve martin book for 99 cents was the golden … Continue reading

07. July 2014 by paige
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wednesday – a dramedy

why am i awake? i reach for my phone on the nightstand to check the time – 4 am?! ugh. and then i hear zoey through the monitor, tossing and turning, a slight whimper. ah yes, a mother’s instinct… no matter how deep i’m sleeping, … Continue reading

18. June 2014 by paige
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an letter to my son

yo dude, congrats!  you’ve graduated from 8th grade and completed another chapter in your life.  where has the time gone?!  it seems like just yesterday that i was changing your diapers, walking you up all those big steps to kindergarten, helping you learn how to … Continue reading

12. June 2014 by paige
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