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photos from IL/CA christmas, 2013 – follow me on instagram.

loving :: that we get to press restart/refresh in just a handful of hours.

reading :: the happiness project by gretchen rubin.  yes, it’s “self-help”… but not in a way that makes you feel like you need help.  so far, this book has allowed me to do a healthy amount of self-reflection and evaluation – i’m thinking about things differently, i’m feeling motivated.  just in time for the new year.  bring it, 2014.  bring it.

watching :: orange is the new black.  why did i wait so long to dive into this little gem?  and when does the second season start?!

thinking about :: starting a writing project.  something interactive – for readers and fellow bloggers, alike.  but i want to take it seriously and i want it to be good.  so i’m thinking and planning and scribbling down ideas.  if i can get my shit together…it’ll happen.

anticipating :: a long weekend trip to visit a sweet, sweet friend.

listening to :: the hunger games: catching fire soundtrack.  so good.

working on :: being more organized.  if i’m organized, i can prioritize better.  then…i can’t complain about not having time to do the things i love – like writing or blogging or reading or whatever.  

wishing for :: a day to sleep in.  or perhaps an entire day to just stay in bed.  eat in bed.  cuddle in bed.  watch movies in bed.  and maybe some rain.  those days are best with rain.

*as always, this post was inspired by kelly of our lovely lives.

31. December 2013 by paige
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