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talking life, politics… the usual.

i miss blogging, you guys.  i have all these inspired thoughts and ideas and things to share but then i sit down in front of my computer and stare at the screen, my fingers ready to tap tap tap away, my game face on in anticipation of the greatness that is sure to come rushing out…  aaaaand nothing.  nope.  not happening.  shoulders hunched, i heave a dramatic sigh and stare longingly at the couch.  i proceed to sit on the couch with a pint of gelato, watch a little tv with the husband and fall asleep within minutes.  of devouring the gelato, of course.  and no, this isn’t one of those bear with me, i’ll be back in a few days, ready to capture your attention with awesomeness posts.  not this time.  i’m just going to say that i miss it here and that’s that.  no promises to myself or to you.  but i will share a little bit of what’s up!

*btw…that girl you see above – mini me.  i’m quite certain that is what i look like when i’m talking.  animated, much?

so in a nutshell, right now…

loving ::  my new car.  this is the first time i’ve owned a brand new car.  i love love love it!  sometimes i forget things at the grocery store so i have to go back or i “oops!  missed that turn” so that i have to go the long way.

reading :: fool by christopher moore (one of my fave authors.)

watching :: lockup on msnbc – every friday, saturday and sunday night.  prison life is fascinating.  and scary.  i don’t know that i could hang.  those prison chicks are gnarly.

thinking about :: how crazy fast my kids are growing.  sometimes i get teary and sentimental and just want time to stop.  taylor will be 13 at the end of october.  thirteen!  do i look like i should have a thirteen year old?!  people think that i’m thirteen.  i can’t even…

anticipating :: it’s a couple of months away, but we’re headed to illinois for thanksgiving and (as usual) i’m super pumped.  i’m also hoping to see my cat lady friend, merl while we’re there.  i miss my ginger sister from another mister.  and my family, of course.

listening to :: oh you guys, do i have a gem for you… check out yuna – i’m especially loving lullabies, island, loud noises and live your life.  she’s so good.

working on :: photographing and selling vintage.  again.  i know, it’s like…give it up already!  but i have a shit ton of wears and whatnot in my garage and i need to find loving homes for these pretties!

wishing for :: not a pumpkin spice latte.  in fact, i’ve never had one.  i mean, are they really that good?

until next time…

17. September 2013 by paige
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  1. LOL with the pumpkin spice latte!!

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