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Goals AF 2016
(#goalsaf cuff – get yours here / this quote is EVERYTHING to me right now / just… be more stoked! / sometimes you need to put reminders on your mirror so that you see it every day.)

I didn’t make resolutions for 2016, but I did set some pretty rad goals.

I categorized them, as well – personal, home, family, business/professional/creative.  (Read about them, below.)

I will also “practice” things like gratitude, positivity, and forgiveness.
Gratitude – This is going to sound strange, but I had to google how to practice gratitude.  Because, I mean, is it just saying Thank You more often or what?  Come to find out, people aren’t hardwired to be grateful.  So it’s literally something that has to be learned.  It’s more about finding the good in bad situations, putting things into perspective, and simply realizing what you have.  Unstuck is a fantastic website that offers 9 Ways to Cultivate GratitudeSo many great suggestions!
Positivity – Honestly, I’m the kind of person that naturally leans more towards the negative.  For example, this is me – no one is going to read this.  who really cares about my goals for 2016?  When what I should say is – my blog is awesome and this post is full of good stuff – everyone will want to read this.  That small change in itself makes me puff out my chest and keep typing.  Because also – I’m doing this for me.  Not you.  But you if you like it.  And also, who wants to be negative when positivity makes you prettier?
Forgiveness – I forgive you.  I forgive any and everyone right now.  Because I don’t want to carry that shit around with me.


*Meditate for 10 minutes every morning.  Ommmm.  I’m using an app to help me chill because I cannot sit still to save my life.  (Hence meditation.)  Anyway, it’s called Headspace.

*Be active every day.  I rejoined Pilates (seriously my muscles and abs disappeared within weeks of taking a monetary break) and I downloaded another app called Sweat.  It’s pretty cool – track water consumption, get meal and snack ideas, access to shopping lists, and the best part – it offers timed resistance, cardio, and recovery workouts that are super easy to follow.  I love this app because I can do it AT HOME with minimal equipment.  And the workouts are challenging!

*21 Day Lemon Water Detox.  I’m currently on day 16 and I haven’t missed a day yet!  The “challenge” is to drink 2-4 cups of warm lemon water a day, for 21 days.  The results are supposed to be incredible – increased energy, reduction in eye circles, anti-aging effects, clearer skin, boosts the immune system, detoxes the liver, and aids in digestion.  I will say, I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin!  Download coach.me – this app will help you reach any number of goals!  It’s really pretty cool and super motivating!

*Cut down on the sugar.  *eye roll*  This is harder than I thought it would be.  I’ll update you in a few weeks.

*In bed by 10, up by 5.  Obviously only on week days.  The part about getting up earlier is because I really do love the quiet of the morning.  I can meditate, drink my lemon water, maybe read a few pages in a book… it’s good “me” time. I’m using the coach.me app for this, too.  It’s really handy.

*Read, read, read!

Home Life
*Rid the abode of toxic, chemical-filled cleaning supplies and such.  It only seems fitting that if I’m switching our personal care products to safer versions, I should consider what we’re cleaning with as well.

*Realize small projects.  I’ve mentioned this before, but because we rent our condo, we often feel restricted when it comes to design options.  Our kitchen is stuck in the 70s and our metal horizontal blinds are absolutely embarrassing.  So 2016 will be there year of making our home feel more… us.


*Lots of camping.  Lots and lots.

*Less screen time.  It is way too easy to allow TV for hours on end when we’re trying to get things done around the house.  And I’m all for screen time… but in smaller doses.  And when the TV is off – more crafts!  more imagination!  more helping around the house!

*Family meals… at the dinner table.  I mean, yes… for the sake of quality time.  But also because I’m sick of everyone spilling shit on the carpet and leaving greasy finger prints on the couch.  Like, WHY CAN’T I HAVE ANYTHING NICE???  But really, it’s quite an easy fix… no more eating in the living room.

*Blog more.  But not because I want to be Internet famous or get free clothing.  side eye.  I LOVE to write.  I really do.  So while my blog is for entertainment purposes, it’s also a creative outlet for… me.  I have been blogging since 2009.  Right at a time when it was huge!  And for the longest time, I was caught up in the politics of this community – posting every day, attempting to get sponsored, censoring myself in order to attract potential sponsors, conforming to what others were doing, etc… I even stopped blogging for a while because I thought to myself – maybe I’m getting too old for this?  Maybe sharing photos of myself in clothing is super vain and… weird?  And then of course, I compared myself/my blog to the bigger, more successful bloggers.  The only thing that did was make me feel inferior.  That’s just silly!  So from here on out… I do what I want.  I don’t have to conform to some prototype blogger.  You like my vibes or you don’t.  I’m doing this for me.

*Continue to grow my Beautycounter business.  Since joining BC as a consultant, I’ve really connected with my entrepreneurial side – it’s exciting!  I want to read all the books and listen to all the podcasts about being the boss of everything.  Or at least how to be a successful business owner.  Never in a million did I think I’d be apart of something like BC… yet here I am… loving what I do and feeling proud to represent such an incredible cause.  It doesn’t feel like a job when you connect with it from your soul.

*Open myself up to more opportunities.  I must be putting some sweet vibes into the Universe because this is the first time in a long time that I’ve been excited about my life.  There’s this overwhelming energy in my soul… I can feel it.  I don’t know what exactly I’m excited about, but I am.  I don’t mean to sound so vague (maybe I do), but I’m connecting all these dots – professionally and creatively – and the bigger picture is coming together.  How freaking rad is that?!

So yeah… #GOALSAF in 2016.

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  1. Kick ass and take names!

  2. YOU GO GIRL! I missed your writing, it’s nice to see a new post up with lots of words ;)

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