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if you follow me on instagram or facebook, then you already know about this (it’s like, soooo 15 mins ago), but HEY, LOOK AT ME!  I’M IN A MAGAZINE! 

redbook contacted me a couple of months ago and asked to use a photo (from this post) for a “real style” feature in their november issue.  yes, immediately, yes.  it’s pretty rad to be featured among such stylish women – especially women i already follow – like jane and wendy.  i mean…i’m just little old me.  and honestly, right when i’m starting to feel like this hobby of mine is silly and superficial, something like this happens.  it’s cool, ya know?

anyway, you must excuse me.  i’m setting up a card table in front of cvs and signing autographs during my lunch hour.  i’m probably going to need a manager, soon.

also, i hope mark is okay with being married to a celebrity… i’ll be in rehab within the year.

thanks redbook!

17. October 2013 by paige
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  1. awesome. Look at you lady. Well done :)

  2. So AMAZING. You look right at home on the pages of a glossy, girl.

  3. Whoo-hoo!!! SO well deserved, you’re one stylish lady! Hope there are many more features like this in your near future!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

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