oh sweet friday / vol 50

bad news
(image via) i need this tee.  it might be my next diy project.

happy friday, kittens.

just a few things that caught my eye this week…

*i love thought catalog.  this article about over-thinkers is me to a T.  i laughed…i ugly cried…i obsessed over being an over-thinker…then i thought it about it some more.

*i might consider an amateur night performance at the local strip club in order to purchase this top, these overalls and this top.  make it raaaaaain.

*cellulite, you bitch.  if you have it…it’s not going anywhere, ladies.

*34 funny gifstry not to laugh.  impossible.

*hey ooooooh.  i was featured (along with a few other bloggers) in this post:  how to wear wide leg pantsthanks for including me, jessica!

aaaand…i’m out.

have a fabulous weekend!

02. May 2014 by paige
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