oh sweet friday / vol 51

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t g i f … it’s been a long week.  if you follow me on fb or instagram, you know that zoey fell out of our bed and fractured her clavicle. sad face.  it’s not uncommon for her to climb into our bed and fall back asleep and honestly (mommy confession, right here)… she’s fallen out before.  but i knew this time was different when she kept saying “owie owie” and didn’t calm down after about 10 mins. that mommy instinct – sharp as a tack!  so at 3 am, we ended up in the ER.  she slept on mark while we waited… and waited… and waited.  she finally got an x-ray and after another 20 or 30 minute wait, the verdict was in – broken collar-bone.  they gave us a sling and an orange juice/motrin cocktail and sent us on our way.  it was 5:15 by the time we left.  she didn’t have much to say for several hours.  she mostly slept or growled at me.  later that morning, after a visit with the pediatric orthopedic doctor, i stopped by mcdonalds (don’t judge) and picked up french fries and a cookie (and chicken nuggets, but…boring.)  she finally perked up and we had a pleasant conversation about her falling out of the bed and that she was planning to eat her french fries with her good hand. she’s doing much better, but we’re not comfortable with her going back to school just yet, so i’m home with her today.  she’s going absolutely stir crazy, so we’re trying to stay busy with crafts and mellow outdoor play.  i have to say, she’s pretty adorable wearing the itty bitty sling that they gave her.  unfortunately, she won’t let me take a photo.

no links today.  (the little one is very demanding of my time.)

have a nice weekend!


11. July 2014 by paige
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  1. Gosh, I am so sorry to hear about your little girl, Zoey. Maybe you guys can decorate the sling with puffy paint to help the time go by! :)

  2. I think you need an orange juice cocktail too ;)
    Also – you have to sneak attack get a photo – or else I will keep imagining her in a doggy cone of shame. Which actually makes me giggle. Hope she’s not hurting too much, how common are broken collar bones?

    • oh em, you know me toooo well. ha!

      having her in a cone would be absolutely hysterical. i may get one and put it on her in lieu of future time outs.

      anyway, they’re pretty common among the youngsters. their little bones are pretty fragile.

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