oh sweet friday / vol 56

gah!  the styling, here.  so good.  granted, i probably wouldn’t walk around town with my blouse open that much… but i am absolutely digging this sexy, laid back, boho vibe.  (image via)

so, yay for friday!  just wanted to say hello and share a few things…

*i haven’t talked much about it yet, but i am 100% infatuated with all things k-beauty (the k stands for Korean, if you didn’t know.)  i’ll share more soon, but in the meantime sokoglam is having a flash sale from now until sunday.  enjoy 20% off with code summerfun on items in this curated collection.

*remember when i wrote this review about HUM supplements?  if the answer is no – wtf?!  what are you waiting for?  if the answer is yes, you’re awesome.  I’m planning a HUM giveaway (next week) as a way to say THANK YOU to everyone who has read my review and used my referral code.  let’s just say i won’t have to pay for supplements for a long time, because not only does using it give you $10 off your order, but i get a $10 credit, as well!  friends helping friends is what i call it.  here’s the code:  F6C27

*I’ve been listening to This American Life every morning as I’m getting ready, sometimes on my way to work.  typically, i listen to the live stream, so the subject matter is often completely random.  no matter what, i always learn something new and sometimes the stories, the people, stay with me for hours after.  my favorite episodes this week – 164: crime scene and 246: my pen pal  if you decide to listen – let me know what you think!

*vulgar girls unite!  i couldn’t have written this article any better – vulgar girls: what it’s like being a lady with a ‘man’s’ sense of humor – i mean, my girlfriends and i are pretty crass and immature.  we are probably worse than dudes.  but there’s a time and a place, ya know?  like, i’ll call someone a f*cking cunt behind her back, but I’d never say that word at a dinner party before my 4th glass of wine.  also, dick jokes are funny.

okay, that’s about it.  i gotta get home – it’s friday night taco night and that means cervezas.

happy weekending!

29. May 2015 by paige
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