on happiness in the new year.


2013.  2 years of marriage, a teenager, and a feisty 2-year-old later and i’m not entirely sure where the year went.  it was a good year, i suppose, but certainly nothing to write home about.  not that i’m ungrateful for what i have – we’re pretty happy, we want for nothing.  but sometimes i want to be happier.  and that’s not a reflection of my husband or the people i love or that i want more things …it’s something that has to come from within.  i mentioned that i started reading the happiness project by gretchen rubin… and it’s resonating.  three pages in, she says, “i wasn’t as happy as i could be, and my life wasn’t going to change unless i made it change.”  as simple as that may sound, it’s not.  looking inwardly and finding that you’re the root of your unhappiness, is not an easy thing to do.

that being said, instead of making resolutions, 2014 will be my very own happiness project.  monthly piggy backing exercises in everything from communication in my marriage, to making time for friends to pursuing my passions and everything in between.  so far, i’ve read through the first two chapters.  chapter one was easy – boosting energy, de-cluttering, making to-do lists and sticking to them – already making strides in that area.  chapter two – eek.  marriage.  i’m stubborn and it’s very hard for me to bite my tongue, so…i may have to read that chapter again.  and again.  regardless, i’m loving it and it’s working for me.  finding something that speaks to you, is half the battle.

so, cheers to getting happier.  

as for our nye – we didn’t do much.  the four of us mowed down greasy burgers and fries at five guys, then home to watch monsters university in our jammies.  after the movie, taylor headed to his room (we bought him a new flat screen, smart TV so we never see him) and zoey went to bed.  mark and i hung out for a bit, then i stayed up til midnight, finishing orange is the new black.  it wasn’t much different from most nights, but we were together and safe, and that’s all that mattered.

i hope everyone is having a great new year, thus far.  i wish you all health and happiness in 2014.

02. January 2014 by paige
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