on making an ass of myself.

top + bralette – local boutique
skirt – jcp
sunglasses – target
clutch – anthropologie
bracelets – vintage and gagehuntley
necklace – clyde’s rebirth  

it’s sunday.  we grab coffee from starbucks and head to the mall.  mark wants to search jcp for a pair of dress shoes.  i bid him adieu and make my way to the ladies section.  not long after, i find myself in the dressing room with an armful of various clothing items.  content with a pair of pants for work, i leave the dressing room and decide to check out the active wear section and make another sweep through the dresses and skirts.  i find a few more things and again, head to the dressing room.  as i’m about to slip off my skirt (the one you see above), i notice that something doesn’t feel right.  with wide eyes and embarrassment coming over me, i do a slow turn in front of the mirror and there i see it over my shoulder… my bare ass.  with nothing but a sheer layer of chiffon between it and the rest of the world.  turns out the mini skirt that hides my lady bits was tucked into the waistband of the skirt.  *facepalm*  oh wow, i think to myself in a semi calm voice, i’ve been walking around like this for about 10 minutes.  so that’s why that girl was giving me weird looks.  and is that why that old man was giggling?  oh shit.  I JUST WALKED AROUND JCP WITH MY ASS SHOWING THROUGH MY SKIRT.  i got over it real fast though – texted my girlfriends and had a good laugh.  ladies, let this be a lesson.  always check that your skirt isn’t tucked into your waistband.  and always check the bottom of your shoes for toilet paper when coming out of the bathroom.  that happened to me on a date once.  i walked through an entire restaurant, thinking i was so hot, with a few squares of tp billowing behind me.  i’m a real class act.

21. August 2013 by paige
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  1. This story made me laugh out loud!! I’ve totally had similar disasters happen in dressing rooms… we have all been there! I love your Anthro clutch in these shots!

    Xo, Hannah


  2. I own that skirt, in eggplant, and I fear that happening every. single. time. I wear it.

  3. I feel your pain, last week I was standing waiting to be seated at a crowded cafe, was shown to my seat, was given a menu to look over and then noticed the whole time i was flashing everyone my boobs (with bra) and stomach because every freaking button on my shirt randomly came undone. Lovely.

  4. ha. same thing happened to me at my last job. I walked from the bathroom to my desk before realizing I had ACTUALLY TUCKED MY SKIRT IN MY UNDERWEAR. (that explained the breeze) I didnt think it happened in real life till that day. I had on sheer nylons and a super modest (not) pair of undies. OY. At least no one noticed (or mentioned it) but I was about to die.

    At least it’s a great ass to show off?

  5. rockin’ it as usual.

    great new design + name! :)

  6. Oh my goodness, what a story. It is a gorgeous skirt though! A little while ago I walked all over a swanky department store with my fly open. Quite mortifying but you win! :)

  7. I flipping love you.

  8. We’ve all been there one way or another but that is why I strongly stand behind the code. You know, the code to let the woman in front of you know that her bum is showing or there’s tp on her foot, or possibly even a boob hanging out???(new moms). I don’t know it could happen! I would not be able to just let that happen.
    Oh and I’ve also told men (yes a couple of them) that they still have the size sticker running along their pant leg. Hey, better a stranger you’ll never see again, than a co-worker that’ll let the whole office know!
    I guess I’m just that person.

  9. bahahahahaaaaaa!!! cl-assy :)

  10. you survived to twerk another day! #bubblebutt ;)

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