our weekend

weekend photos via instagram.

books, food, friends – that about sums up our weekend, but here are a few highlights…

zoey did not sleep in.  why would she?  she only does that when we have to get up and be somewhere before 730 am.  kids, man.  anyway, we got an early start and met some friends at a local family event complete with snow (driven in from who knows where), an elsa impersonator, 3 bounce houses, junk food, face painting, a dj and a pelvic-thrusting elmo.  ps.  this elmo had boobs… which my friend megan so quickly pointed out.  no, we were not drinking.  that came later.  oh!  but guess what? i finally tried the starbucks version of the flat white and i dig it.

now, as a parent, you take your kids to these types of events hoping to tire their little asses out.  but of course, zoey didn’t nap.  so we watched big hero 6, then went to megan’s house for dinner.  the kids played and the adults ate and drank.  standard.  by the time we left, z was exhausted and fell asleep in the car.  once home, we cozied up under the warm blankets and drifted off to the sound of the rain.  it was a good day.

we slept in!  sweet baby jesus, we slept in.  i finished the first bad man by miranda july while sipping coffee and zoey watched big hero 6.  again.  half way through, she side-eyed me and said in a very conspiratorial voice, “moooooommyyyy, what do you say we go get donuts???” and wiggled her brows, no joke.  so we high-fived, got dressed and headed out.  the rest of our day went like this…

book store
play ground
burgers + fries for lunch (i tried a fried egg on my burger for the first time!)
no nap
more movies/shows
lots of rain
jumping on the bed
pizza for dinner
story time

i was asleep before 9.  it was awesome.

so, here’s to a good week!

ps.  i tend to buy/read books in 3s.  next up:
it’s kind of a funny story

and also, the poem in the middle – it’s my favorite so i shared it.

02. March 2015 by paige
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