palm springs or bust

Ah, Palm Springs.  So very retro and colorful.  So incredibly hot.  So not a place I would normally choose to “get away.”  But when you have a Canadian friend who only comes to ‘murica once a year, you go.  You go to that sweltering hot desert where super tan men bike around in nothing but banana hammocks.  You go to see her. (I guess I should be thankful for those hammocks, eh?)

So we got a pretty sweet deal via kayak and stayed one night at The Saguaro –  pronounced Sa-WAH-ro.  Which we did not do.  We said it with the g.  Anyway…

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIf you’ve ever contemplated what it would be like to experience a real life Skittles/taste the rainbow kinda situation – you gotta stay here.  Because it was colorful.  Fun, though!  I mean, I feel like if you’re going to be in PS, you should stay somewhere fun and retro and kinda over the top.  Why not?  When in Rome is what I say.  Check in – was easy.  They don’t offer valet or anything… park your own damn car and get to partying!  The grounds were pretty – lots of greenery.  The room – it was nice, but could’ve been cleaner.  And when I say cleaner, I just mean – it wasn’t pristine, but I wasn’t grossed out.  I have a feeling that people are mostly there to drink alcohol by the pool, anyway.  So we unpacked a bit, freshened up and headed to El Jefe – which I thought was pretty fantastic.  I ordered a Tecate and the Pescado Tacos and they were insanely good.  We also shared the Ignacio Nachos and the Ceviche de Atun – also very good.  After lunch, we made our way down to the pool.  By this time it was pretty crowded and the DJ was really making it happen with his 90s remixes.  Not to mention most people were already pretty sauced, so it was prime people watching time.  Lots of drunk girls grinding on each other, sloshing their drinks in the pool water, humping poor Shamu… it was good stuff!
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(L-R: Jaimee, Emily (the Canadian) and me)

There’s only so much grinding one can take (when you’re sober), so we eventually left the pool in search of sports and Jaimee’s favorite local dive – Hair of the DogIt’s a pub – dark, not very big, smells like a bar, most of the patrons are probably locals, but I like places like that!  If you like dives – check it out next time you’re in PS.

From there we headed to Parker Palm Springs, but made a pit stop at Cost Plus World Market (I know, so weird) and then a bakery for late night snacks.  I guess they don’t have Cost Plus World Market in Canada, so Emily stocked up on some goodies.  Oh AND… look… a rogue cart in Palm Springs!
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(The overly photographed “drugs” marquee.)  If you’ve never been to Parker Palm Springs, I highly recommend it – the grounds are gorgeous and the art/décor is so so good.  If anything, just go to have dinner!  We ate at Norma’s.  I had a cheeseburger and rose.  That’s my kinda meal.  After dinner we went back to the Sa-WAH-ro in search of debauchery, but ended up watching a JLo movie and eating baked goods instead.

Emily had an early flight the next am, so after dropping her off at the airport, Jaimee and I stopped at a vintage flea market, then ate at Café Europa.  I had eggs and JALAPENO BACON, PEOPLE.  It was so good.  The food was good, the coffee was good, the setting was peaceful and quaint – I’d definitely recommend this place for breakfast.
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(nothing more appealing than a plate of leftover food.)
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adios, Sa-WAH-ro – I’d visit you again.

It was really a great trip.  The room was affordable, the food we ate was delicious, but mostly the company was the best part.  I’ll miss you turds, if you’re reading this!  Until next year…

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  1. Miss you turds too!
    Awesome photos by the way!

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