worn / monochromatic-ish

blouse – urban outfitters
jacket – local boutique
trousers – nordstrom (no longer available)
bcbg pumps – marshall’s (no longer available)

i am absolutely in love with the idea of monochromatic and tonal styling – grey on grey, navy on navy, white on white – such a sharp, clean look.

if i had cream-colored trousers, this outfit would be perfection.

also, i haven’t fit into these pants since before zoey… i think i’ll celebrate with a glass of wine.


26. September 2013 by paige
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  1. I love this outfit because lately I’ve been into pants and blouses more than dresses. This top is so sophisticated. Yay for fitting into the pants…cheers!

  2. Dude, you have achieved perfection- no need for cream pants. This is so gorgeous and everything fits you like a glove. That fluttery feminine top is to die for.

    Can I have your hair?

  3. Love this look! Congrats for getting back in those pre-baby pants. I’ll be trying to accomplish the same before long! Last time it took 3 years and then I got pregnant again, though… A girl can dream, right?

  4. you look amazing!! congrats on fitting into the pants again! and whoa nelly, your shoulders look stunning- way to go with toning and definition!!

  5. Congrats, on fitting into your pants again! Always, such a good feeling!! And this look is absolutely dreamy Paige, you’re a knock out!! <3

    By The Shore

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