worn / the pencil skirt

tshirt + skirt – jcp
pumps – aldo
clutch – vintage

sometimes you venture out of your comfort zone and it feels so good.  take this pencil skirt for example – you know i’m a flowy, maxi skirt kinda gal, but i rather liked the way this one hugged my body and accentuated my curves.  i felt sexy and confident.  that is… once i got used to walking like a geisha girl.  also, walking up stairs was awkward.  actually, walking in general was weird.  meh.  it’s all in the name of fashion.  right, ladies?

18. September 2013 by paige
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  1. Thanks for the post. You really are super rockin that pencil skirt, but your comments on the absolute impossibility of actually moving anywhere reminds me that these are really just for show. Raising of course the ever-present question on fashion and lifestyle. I mean, that skirt looks like it was made for you, really, its stunning, but… can you actually be you in it? Big questions :)

    • hey nora! i love that you ask this question. can i actually be me? yes and no. on one hand, i ventured out of my comfort zone and it felt good! i liked how i felt in the skirt! on the other hand, i was out of my comfort zone and totally aware of it the entire day – wondering if others noticed that i was slightly unsure of how to walk like a normal person. hahaha! i don’t normally sacrifice my comfort for fashion, but every now and again it’s fun to try something different. i wouldn’t recommend that a day care provided wear this skirt, but for a working woman who sits behind a desk most of the day – why not? also, this pencil skirt is longer than most. next time i’ll go with right at or just below the knee. ;)

      • Great answer. its true that jeans and flats become routine. Next time I need to shake things up a bit, I might just consider something snazy a la pencil. Thanks for sharing!

  2. that’s JCP? wow!! I love that skirt and it is very “sexy secretary”! woohoo hot mama!!!

  3. yes. now i see why you were such a big hit with the office pigs :) #hottttttttt

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