simplicity and truth

truth.  i want to be that “style” blogger who just posts photos and tells you what she’s wearing and that’s it.  because quite frankly, the words just aren’t flowing, lately.  what can i possibly say?  that i could live in these high waist skinny jeans for the rest of my life? that there isn’t a top or sweater that doesn’t work with them?  get a pair.  and these western style boots that you no doubt had in the early 90’s?  obsessed.  oh and let’s talk about this black bag i recently purchased…  i haven’t had a black purse in years.  weird.  but this look – my fave right now.  super simple.

and now i’m stuck.  so many thoughts and things to say, but the words won’t come.  or they come, but they don’t translate the way i want them to.  i had this conversation with a coworker and he recommended that i read the war of art – a book that may help me navigate through this creative block i’m having.  so i’ll give it a go.

because i don’t just want to talk with you about what i’m wearing.  i have more to say.

in the meantime, i’ve been approached with some opportunities that i couldn’t pass up.  don’t be surprised if you see sponsored content here and there and just so you know, if you click a link for a pair of pants or a bag – i just might get paid if you decide to make a purchase.

as always, i appreciate your support!  thanks for coming back, even when i haven’t had anything to say for several weeks.

happy sunday!

denim jacket – target
white tee – similar
bdg cigarette jean
shoemint lane boots
aldo talamello bag

24. November 2013 by paige
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  1. I love your style of writing. And I love your transperancy. And I love your blog :)

  2. SISTER, you know I love them bdg cigarettes. I have dozens and I will never not wear them. The black ones especially, you gotta get a few because fading. But UO does have a $39 bdg sale like, twice yearly, so sign up for them emails if you haven’t.

    And also: Hell to the yeah for sponsored content. Make that money. Leave that job. Have that fun.

    Have I told you you’re the prettiest woman in the world recently…?

  3. Insightful and you look beautiful… You’ll find the words

  4. Have you read The Artist’s Way? It can be slightly new-agey but it’s a been a good guide for all the creatives I’ve known who have done it. (myself included)

  5. I had a creative block for most of the summer and all of September, so I know how you feel. You’ll get it back- eventually it will just flow and you’ll knock ’em out of the park. In the meantime I think we’re all totally happy with fashion tidbits. :)

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