treebones resort / day one


*i’ve been meaning to share this trip with you for awhile now.  enjoy!

for christmas last year, my dad and stepmother gifted us a trip to treebones resort in big sur, ca.  i couldn’t believe it.  one minute i’m telling them about this magical place up the coast in northern california and the next…i’m packing my bags for a mini vacation to the exact place – to stay in a yurt!  on the side of a mountain!  overlooking the ocean!  no kids!  no plans!  just us.

fyi:  i’ve lived in southern california since 1999.  it has literally taken years for me to start feeling comfortable with this place.  it’s crowded, fast paced and a little too sunny for my liking.  (i know.  who doesn’t like the sun?!)  however…there’s something about northern california that makes my heart swell.  as soon as we pass through ventura my body starts to relax.  by the time we’re through cambria i’ve already quit my job and we’re living in a bungalow two blocks from the beach.  i hike daily and tend to my garden.  mark probably works at the local chamber and the kids ride their bikes everywhere.  *sigh*  i digress.  it’s my happy place.  throw in coastal views and majestic mountains and i’m willing to cash it all in.

april 19th – it takes us most of the day to get there, with a stop in morro bay for fish & chips and beer.  later that afternoon, we arrive at our destination – a compound-like resort nestled in the mountains.  we check in and get acquainted with our home away from home.  the views are spectacular and the people are friendly and accommodating.  the food is organic, with most fruits and veggies grown on the property.  the meat and fish driven in from further up the coast.  we unpack, freshen up, snap a few photos, have a drink or two, then enjoy a leisurely dinner of sake and sushi.  with our bellies full, we retreat to our yurt for the night – drinking more wine and chatting.  it’s so quiet…something we’re not used to.  eventually, we drift off to sleep – serenaded by the sounds of nature.

and that, my friends, was just day one…

*photos by paige & mark

25. July 2013 by paige
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  2. This place has been on my list for awhile! There is no place in this country like Northern California. There’s magic in the mist & I don’t ever want to live anywhere else!

  3. I, for one encourage you to chuck it all and move to the central coast with your beautiful family :) I volunteer to babysit! :)

  4. this place looks like pure magic. so glad you guys got to do this together :)

  5. I have serious yurt envy! A gorgeous spot.

  6. Awwww it’s magical!!! Looks great.

  7. awesome post!! I feel the same way about Nor Cal!! We can be neighbors and share veggies from our garden.

  8. I’ve visited this site and drooled before…amazing!!! Now I know first hand how cool it is…sigh :)). Beautiful photos!!

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