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i stood in front of target at 7 am last sunday, my face plastered to the glass door like a suckerfish – for a dress.  this dress.  my birthday dress.  there were other girls in line – maybe 10 total.  we were very pleasant, laughing and chatting about fashion.  but as soon as that target employee unlocked the door, i elbowed a couple of those bitches out-of-the-way and fast walked toward the peter pilotto collection.  (didn’t want to appear too eager.)  i grabbed this dress and a few other items and headed to the dressing rooms.  obviously the dress didn’t disappoint.  (the fabric is soft and light, but the bodice could be tighter.)  it made me feel über feminine and princess-y.  i ended up with this skirt, too. 

so, i’m 34 now.  hooray.  a year older, a year wiser.  a year closer to botox.  (i see you, wrinkles!  back off.)  but here’s something -because of pilates, my butt is higher than ever before and i have calf muscles that i never knew existed.

so cheers to being a 30-something.  it’s not so bad.

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14. February 2014 by paige
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  1. You’re too funny! Such a cute dress and that skirt you also got – so cute!

  2. Happy birthda paige! That dress is insane.

  3. 1. Happy Birthday you knockout, you!
    2. Share the pilates moves/secrets because D-amn lady, you are looking fab!!!

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