a new adventure

here we are!  my new blog.  i absolutely adore this space and i hope you will, too!

so why the change?  long story short – while barefoot & vintage was a great blog, it just didn’t feel like me anymore.  after contemplating a change for over a year, i finally bit the bullet and started making things happen (or bossing people around, whatever you want to call it.)  i couldn’t be happier with the design (thanks kim, you’re a genius!) and seriously owe a shit ton of beer and wine and possibly my first-born to richard and stacey.

what can you expect moving forward?  honestly, a lot of the same content – style, my family, photography, fitness, a diy or recipe post here and there, maybe a few collaborations…and more writing.  lots more writing.  but bear with me – i get nervous about sharing my thoughts, so…baby steps.

if you’re planning to stick around, please remember to follow house of ginger via bloglovin’ and twitter to stay up-to-date on new posts.

i even have a facebook page. *gasp*

it means a lot to me that you’re here.  thank you!  

now let’s get started on this new adventure!

23. July 2013 by paige
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  1. Following you, of course!!! I love the new name, and the design for this is so nice. I hope the fresh start makes you feel the way you want to and that you really enjoy this new space :) I will be excited to see all your posts pop up on my BlogLovin feed.
    Flora x

  2. i love your new space! fresh starts are always nice :) following!

  3. Awesome space! Continuing to follow along on bloglovin’ (and now instagram, too).

  4. i love the name and the look. you know i’m a fan. xo

  5. well OF COURSE i’m going to follow you on bloglovin :) LOVE the new blog, LOVE the new design. and i think you’re pretty great too :)

  6. oh this is so pretty. almost makes me want to blog again…hmmm

  7. Excited for you as you venture out into something new!! :)

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