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le toteit’s a pretty rad concept.

for a (relatively affordable) monthly fee, you receive a box of 5 articles of clothing and 2-3 pieces of jewelry.

and?  …you say.  it sounds like all the other clothing subscriptions.  what makes this one so rad?  two words – clothing rental.  yes.  you can wear what you like, as many times as you want.  when you’re done, you return it.  if you like something so much, you just can’t live without it, said item(s) can be purchased at wholesale prices.  this isn’t like stitchfix where you buy what you like and send the rest back, within a specific amount of time, unworn.  with le tote, you are encouraged to wear what you like and keep it for as long as you want.  that monthly fee you’re paying?  it goes towards cleaning/care of the garments, once returned.  personally, i think this is a great subscription for the working woman, as most of the pieces on the site are work and play friendly.  in other words, beautiful basics that can be dressed up or down.  this works for me, because i get tired of wearing the same blouses and skirts to work, week in and week out.  with le tote, i get to mix it up – with or without the commitment of making a purchase.  see?  rad. 

okay, now that you’re interested, visit the site and sign up!  oh!  and because i’m following le tote on facebook, i received a 50% off discount code, so it only cost 24.50 to register.  once you’re a member, you’ll set up a profile and go “window shopping” on the site, adding clothing and accessories to your virtual closet (this is how they determine what is sent in your monthly boxes.)

my first le tote
i have to be honest, here… i wasn’t super impressed; however (and that’s a very loud however), i still love the concept.  i think it’s just going to take some tweaking here and there, as the stylists get to know what i like and don’t like.  so keep that in mind.  there’s still hope!

*evolution dressit’s not something i’d grab if i was out shopping, but it’s super sexy and i love the way it fits.  i’m actually dying for an excuse to wear it out – dinner and dancing anyone?

*patriotic top – this is the top i’m wearing in the photos.  i dig the stripes, the navy, and the adorable sleeve detail.  it’s perfect for the office, it’s perfect with jeans, but i probably won’t buy it.

*zippa shift dress – dislike.  it’s just not for me.  thank you, le tote, for thinking that i have the body of a twelve-year-old boy, but i don’t.  i have hips.

*adia k snake bracelet – i really wanted to like this, but it looks cheap.  for one, it’s a tad too big and two, it’s a weird pinkish color.  not purchasing.

*gazel black disc necklace – meh.  it’s pretty.  i do love dainty little necklaces and this one is gold and black (like my soul), so i’ll wear it, but i don’t love it enough to buy it.

see what i mean?  nothing too impressive, but the beauty is – i’m under no obligation or time restraint to keep or return these items.  more than likely, i’ll box it all up next week and send everything back.  then i’ll log into my account, rate the items, and eagerly await my next box of goodies.  oh and i forgot to mention – unlimited boxes per month.  you can receive and send back as many times as you want!

please note – i’m sure i haven’t provided you with all of the details, so if you do sign up, make sure you read the fine print, as i don’t want to be responsible for…anything.  only your happiness.  <big cheesy grin>

pilcro and the letterpress jeans via anthropologie (similar)
nude pumps – shoemint
brass cuff – gage huntley
aimee kestenberg crossbody via nordstrom

if you sign up, let me know!  i’d love to hear about your experience.

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