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If you follow me on Instagram you know that Mark and I escaped to Palm Springs last weekend – no kids, no schedules, just the promise of letting the fuck go and reconnecting. The act of going on vacation in itself, does not guarantee that you’ll leave the day to day stress and bullshit behind. It’s a legit state of mind. It’s remembering that your significant other is funny and interesting and handsome and not always filling the dishwasher wrong. It’s putting your phone away and having a conversation even though you had to snap a few food pics, first. It’s going on a scorching hot bike ride at 4 o’clock in 113 degree heat and stopping for sushi and sharing a beer. It’s taking a dip in the pool at night because it’s fun and kinda sexy and it reminds your husband that you’re still spontaneous and not always nagging about the kitchen floor being dirty. It’s about holding hands when you’re not normally a hand-holder.

Our weekend away was an absolute success. I’m still mentally holding on to that weekend and I’m still staring at Mark with heart eyes. I know that sounds weird, but it’s easy to forget that we’re still the same people we fell in love with when the day to day gets so damn ridiculous. Know what I mean?

So, yeah… the Alcazar Palm Springs. A little bit hipster (great photo ops. the greenest ivy falling just so on a while wall? yes, please!), modern, romantic, a literal 34-room oasis in the hot, hot desert. Our room was entirely white minus a few colorful throw pillows on the bed, a painting or two, and the deep blue shower wall. This place does an impressive job of helping with that let it go vibe. Highly recommend. It was perfection.

psfoodcollageFriday | Dinner
We sat in traffic for probably 3.5 hours, so once we checked in, we were eager to freshen up and take a walk down to Las Casuelas Terraza. It’s the spot. Live music, lots of people, delicious margaritas, and traditional Mexican food. I just feel like you have to go if you ever find yourself in PS. I had a couple of skinny margs that tasted mostly like pure tequila and a ceviche tostada. Yum.

Saturday | Breakfast
We slept in a bit and then walked a few steps to Cheeky’s. Yes, this adorable place is basically attached to the hotel. The menu changes weekly, so I can’t remember what my drink was called, but it was a wonderful tequila, jalapeno, grapefruit concoction. I also ordered THE BACON FLIGHT (nodines applewood, sweet chili, jalapeno, beeler apple cinnamon, and balsamic) – insane in the membrane. A bacon flight. I mean, stop it. My main entrée was the Chilaquiles – chorizo, tomatillo, queso fresco, cilantro, and onion. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Saturday | Lunch
Rosé all day then a quick stop while on our bike ride for a shared spicy tuna roll and beer

Saturday | Dinner
Mr Lyons. So swanky. I enjoyed a Moscow Mule, the 12 oz Filet Mignon and wild mushrooms. Mark had the Prime Rib and creamed spinach, but we basically shared. We washed it all down with crème brulee for dessert.
It. was. delicious. All of it.

We spent some time by the pool on Sunday and grabbed brunch on our way out. Nothing special to photograph because I was cranky about leaving.

When do we go back? I’m ready.

Until we meet again, Palm Springs… you’re super effing hot, but I adore you.

30. June 2016 by paige
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