girl, put your leather on

i stood in front of mark the other day… honey, denim shirt or leather vest?  normally, he chooses and i go with the opposite.  but that day, he said leather because (duh) what man doesn’t want to see his woman in leather?  it’s faux, but still.  it’s also badass.  and that’s why i’m on the hunt for a pair of leather pants.  i’m not sure if i can pull it off, but i have a feeling i’m a different woman when wearing leather pants.  i’ve already got the snarl down, but one can only assume that i’ll want a huge eagle tattoo across my back and a shot of jack daniels with my scrambled eggs every morning.  and a motorcycle.  okay, let’s be real…a moped.

regardless.  leather for the win.

similar hat
uo tank – old
h&m moto vest (similar)
skinny jeans – local boutique
clutch – vintage
sam edelman bootie
gage huntley + clyde’s rebirth necklaces

15. October 2013 by paige
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  1. Awesome boots and pants. Find soem more stylish and unique handmade boots and clothes at Gipsy Dharma. For more details visit:

  2. These are sick.

    And also a serious investment.
    Sha-wing. Cha-ching.

  3. You look amazing, Paige!! But seriously, that vintage clutch is so cool!! I’d love to do a vintage shopping trip with you ; )

  4. I had this thought about leather pants as well.
    Then I tried some on and DID NOT feel like a new woman; rather a fake version of myself.

    YOU, however, I could totally see rocking the leather pants, you hot mama you.

    Also. I was not kidding last night. After the holidays. We’re planning it.

  5. I want a good pair of leather pants that don’t give me fupa or cost $500 so bad. And I am decidedly not badass. I don’t even think I would want to ride a moped;)

  6. awesome bootie (get it??) the bootie and the booties are awesome in fact.
    I really like this outfit and (!!!) I have that bag too. But with straps. I will have to check it tonight, see if the pattern is the same.

  7. Ugh. Duuuuuude. I am DYING for leather pants. Like, dying dead. I can’t find a good faux pair that actually have back pockets and I also don’t have like $700 MINIMUM for real ones.

    What are we gonna do, kid?

    And I had a white faux leather vest in a shopping cart the other day but chickened out. We’re totally riding the same style wave these days.

    Also, that clutch is effing amazing and you look incredible in hats.

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