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when it comes to clothing, zoey is a picky, one-trick pony – dresses and skirts.  that’s it!  even to bed.  dresses and skirts over tiny little legs that are covered in bruises.  and paint and probably food.  because while she loves a gaudy pink dress, she also loves to get dirty.  food, sand, markers… she’s usually covered in something by the end of the day.  my little girl lives her life.  she gives zero effs and I love it.  however, this also means that we learned very early on not to buy expensive clothing or even adorable skinny jeans with polka dots… she wore them once… because I bribed her with chocolate.

a lot of z’s clothing is gifted to us for birthdays or holidays and some of it is handed down from good friends.  (friends who have clean kids.  friends who buy from the gap.  friends who have tiny human catalogue models for children.)  that being said, we often end up with an overflow of clothing that zoey refuses to wear.  she has her favorites and we cycle through them day after day, week after week until they no longer fit.  and while I may intend to put her in some super cute, tiny human model outfit, it never happens.

so what do we do with all that clothing??

we donate it to schoola!  a sort of recycling program that resells never worn or gently used children’s clothing (up to high school age) at deeply discounted prices.  the best part – for every $5 spent, $2 goes to a school (or schools) of your choice that will help purchase things like art supplies, books, sports equipment, musical instruments, etc… how rad is that??

ready to get started?  it’s super easy.  click here to request a bag, fill it up and send it to schoola free of charge.  they’ll take care of the rest!

*the clothing you see in the photos above is merely a sampling of what we’re mailing in.  I’m not sure when schoola will post our additions to the site, but if you’re interested in seeing what we have to offer, let me know and i’ll get back to you!  and ps. the bag is huge.  it’s folded in the photos.

I’m excited to support this program and I hope you will, too!

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  1. love the dotted pants! so cute

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