happy 4th to my little baby wren

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so, this chick is four today.  FOUR!

her favorite things include – the beach, doing the opposite of what I suggest, drawing, gluing random objects to paper (me: no i will NOT cut the buttons off my shirt so that you can make a collage for daddy!  although, that may be a win-win for daddy), marshmallows, her brother, cheeseburgers from mcdonalds, her pillow pet “monkey” which is actually a hippo but we never had the heart to correct her, and wearing red lipstick.  (we’re still working on getting it on her actual lips.)

she doesn’t take shit from anyone, but she’s really very sweet and nurturing underneath that sass.  I hope I grow up to be just like her.

this last Saturday, we invited our closest buddies to the beach.  the kids splashed in the water and played in the sun for hours!  for lunch, we ate subway sandwiches and chips.  kids love chips.  next year, I’m just having a chip party.  my gf megan made the most adorable vanilla cupcakes topped with blue frosting and sour octopuses and gummy sharks.  favors included buckets with a shovel, a mini water launcher, bubbles and mini bags of goldfish crackers.  mostly everything was purchased from the dollar store.  i maybe spent $30 on favors for 11 kiddos.  #winning

tonight we will eat subway sandwiches (she loves subway, but i suspect she really just loves getting a bag of Cheetos.  see!  chips, man!) and cake.  but it’s her day, so what do i care?

happy birthday, wren.  we love you.

25. August 2015 by paige
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