I haven’t been this excited since Magic Mike XXL


I recently joined the BEAUTYCOUNTER team as a consultant and I couldn’t be more pumped to spread the word about their mission and to the get these amazing products into the hands of everyone I we know!

So let’s chat – BC is a company that creates safe, but luxurious and effective skin care and cosmetics for women and their families.  But it’s so much more than lotions and makeup – they offer a kid’s line, anti-aging formulas, coconut oil-based skin care, sunscreen, shampoo/conditioner and body care, as well!  There is literally something for every person in your household.  And do you wanna know the best part?  BC has eliminated over 1500 harmful ingredients from their products, meaning they do not contain ANY toxic chemicals that are linked to human health issues such as learning disabilities, cancer, hormonal disruption, infertility, asthma, etc.  That is amazing!  To learn more about their mission and their strict ingredient selection process, click here.

My goal as your personal consultant is to continually educate you (and myself!) about this important movement.  From posts on ways to get involved to which products are best for your skin type… we’ll cover it all!

Join my BC group on facebook – Paige’s VIP Beautycounter – for group discussions, product info, and to be one of the first to know about discounts and giveaways!

(also, I’ve added a link in the sidebar for quick access to my BC site.)

I’ll leave you with this thought – I’m not asking you to consider using or buying products that you aren’t already using or buying on a regular, if not daily basis!  So if you knew that there was a product line that was healthy and kept you and your family safe from harmful ingredients – why wouldn’t you consider making the switch?  after all, the choices you make today, shape your world tomorrow!

09. October 2015 by paige
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