minted. a review of sorts.

sometimes the stars align and good things happen.  things that seem insignificant in the grand scheme of it all, but nevertheless, they take a weight off your shoulders and put a smile on your face.  with zoey’s bday coming up and funds on the nonexistent low side, I knew I’d have to get creative and plan a party that was easy on the bank account – free location (beach), little to no decorations (balloons) and thrifty food/drink options (lemonade + cupcakes.)  I had the party favors figured out (hello, dollar store!), but the invitations were still on my list.  do I make my own?  send out an evite?  a mass text?  and then that aligning business happened and I’m not even kidding, a day or two later I was contacted by minted with an offer to write a review in exchange for a generous credit to their site.  to be honest, I’d never heard of minted, but after perusing the site, I got excited!  not only are the products unique and beautiful, but this is a company that has built a marketplace/community for independent artists.  it’s a place where creatives can gain exposure and build their businesses… and I’m all about supporting that.  plus, this answered the invitation situation!  minted invitations FTW!  I’ve narrowed it down to sweet shop and fancy flamingo, but I think the flamingo is winning. what do you think?

(check out more customizable birthday invitations here!)

in addition to a vast array of invitations, minted offers home décor items, fabrics, photo & art gifts and even business cards!  they also sell limited edition art prints.  I’ve shared a few of my favorites below.
minted faves 2
mom’s rule no 4 (customizable!) / rainforest / super imagination girl (customizable!) / California map (foil stamped)

how cute is the super imagination girl print?  it reminds me so much of zoey.  I can even have it customized with red hair!  I die.

anyway, I hope you’ll consider minted the next time you’re planning a party or looking for a unique gift idea… I have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

ps.  they even have a blog for all things crafty and diy!  enjoy!

and happy Friday!

17. July 2015 by paige
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