oh sweet friday vol 47

osf 89pretty collection // gorgeous hair + makeup // boho outdoor space // tea tin herb gardens
the perfect fall boot // casual styling // easy lunches

just a few images that have inspired me this week – outdoor spaces, lots of greenery and fall styling.
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a few other things i’m diggin’ this week:

they all hate us – for beautiful images

lately lily – for the little lady(ies) in your life

walls by mur – brilliant

chili lime garlic aioli – get in mah belly!

summertime sadness by lana del rey – can’t get enough of this song.

mucho mucho bueno buenophotography, style…all around, just rad gals.  i wanna be their 3rd sister.

so what’s up for the weekend?  mark and i are going to a fancy dinner in malibu tonight hangingwiththemayornobigdeal, the kids have gymnastics and cross-country tomorrow morning and other than errands and cleaning house, we’re just planning to hang as a family.  which is rare these days!  we’ve all been busy and in the summer taylor spends most of his time with friends or over at my dad’s house.  i’m looking forward to lots of giggles and cuddling on the couch.

i’m also hoping to write my txsc recap post, prepare a fun giveaway for next week and put some clothes on for a style post or two.

enjoy your weekend, friends.

heart yous.

09. August 2013 by paige
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