oh sweet friday / vol 54

just a little encouragement to get you through LIFE.
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happy friday, my dear lady friends!

i thought i’d get back into the swing of oh sweet friday by sharing a few of my faves from this week.

but first, allow me to state and explain the obvious… i’m trying to blog more.  it’s a bit of a love/hate struggle – finding the time, building content, feeling like my voice will get lost in a sea of other blogs who are doing it better (what insecurity?) but i love it – as trivial or silly as it sometimes is – fashion talk, posting photos of myself, etc… but at the end of the day, it’s more about writing, creating and sharing.  pilates/running, reading, blogging – these are my outlets.  okay, fine.  and beer.  beer is a delicious outlet, as well.  so cheers to me posting more, finding new ways to express myself and sharing content that doesn’t bore you to tears.

on to the links!

*lately, i’ve been obsessed with all things beauty-related.  from researching eye creams, to perusing korean beauty websites… ob. sessed.  so when i came across into the gloss via shopping for glossier products, i squealed like a little piggy.  it’s not a new blog, i’m just late to the scene.  a scene that is full of well-written articles about make up, facial products and even beauty diy.

*i’m not going to call anyone out because that would be rude, but some of you need to read this – twelve common grammar mistakes made by smart adults

*i am so for this awesomeness.  i’d be a literal tree hugger and i’m okay with that.  i reposted this on facebook several weeks ago, but thought i’d share here, too.  oh, you’re not following me on facebook??  that’s a shame.  there’s a fb link to the left if you feel so inclined.


*next up on my to-read list:  animal farm / nobody is ever missingi didn’t come here to make friends:  confessions of a reality show villain

that’s all i got!  enjoy the weekend!

06. February 2015 by paige
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  1. SO glad to know I am not the only one who hasn’t read Animal Farm.

    I didn’t come here to make friends was hilarious and awesome and endearing, and I enjoyed it, for all that it was flufffffyyyy. Loved. It.

    • hey alex! there are so many classics that i haven’t read yet…it’s embarrassing!
      anyway, i’m planning to start posting book reviews – i hope you’ll read them and weigh in if you can!
      thanks for stopping by. :)

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