oh sweet friday / vol 55

a collection of photos that depict my life as of lately – brunching, reading, bubble bathe-ing, pilates… the usual.

i’m currently reading the husband’s secret by liane moriarty and i’m really enjoying it.  i have maybe 100 more pages to go.  i can’t wait to see how it ends.  has anyone else read it?

books read in april
fangirl by rainbow rowell
dirty rush by taylor bell
the good girl by mary kubica

*if you’re interested, my reviews and ratings are on goodreads!  just click the links above.

i still intend to share more makeup and skin care posts, but today let’s talk about armpits.  in my attempt to find an aluminum-free deodorant, I’ve ditched the dove solid and started using the weleda spray deod in sage.  i’m not sold.  i like the way it smells… ish, but i definitely need a few refresher sprays throughout the day.  ain’t nobody got time for that!  i think the point of a good deod is to put it on in the am and not have to worry about it… right?  right.  so, i’m planning to finish the bottle (um, hello $14) but i’m pretty sure i won’t be buying it again.  i haven’t given up on the aluminum-free concept, though… i’m still searching and considering, so if you have any suggestions – let me know!

i’d say the best part of this week was taking a bubble bath with zoey.  you know, when i’m in the office, the days often drag, but as soon as 4 pm rolls around, the evening gets away from me quickly – i feel rushed.  from pilates to picking zoey up from school to making a stop at the grocery store, making dinner, throwing in a load of laundry, cleaning up after dinner, etc etc etc… i know, we all have to do it.  i’m not complaining, it’s just rare that i get to slow down before 9 pm.  so a few nights ago, zoey asked me to get in the tub with her and i thought – why not??  it was relaxing and she was so elated.  two birds, one stone kinda thing.  quality time – i’ll take it however i can get it.

so it’s friday – hooray!  enjoy the weekend.

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01. May 2015 by paige
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  1. Girl! THE BEST armpit stuff I have found, that isn’t going to apparently kill me in some way, is Lush’s very hippie smelling one. I am pretty into hippie smells, but not DIRTY hippie smells, and this smell takes a little getting used to, but really its now one of my favorite smells. It lasts a long time, and really works. Which is the best part because I usually buy the $10 extra strength dove kind or whatever to help me because apparently im smelly sometimes. Anyway, now that theres a lush in the TO mall you got no excuses – try it out, theyll prob even give you a sample!!!!
    link: http://www.lushusa.com/Aromaco/00051,en_US,pd.html#start=1
    Also, LOOVE the glossier posts!!!! I don’t know why my images came out blurry? Some random thing I did that I cant figure out eee! Haha!

    • oooo… i love hippie scents, so i’ll check it out!
      as for your images, they don’t look blurry to me. i think they came out great.

  2. You should check out Meow Meow Tweet’s deodorant cream. Its organic, aluminum free…all the good stuff. And it actually works.

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