oh sweet friday / vol 59

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetis it still a blog if i only post on fridays? lol. is this even still a blog?

okay, so C U R R E N T L Y …

wearing the jcrew billie. cropped and high waisted with a hint of mom butt. i’m cool with it.

feeling like a big change is on the horizon.

reading nice is just a place in france. i’m kind of embarrassed to admit that i’m reading this because it’s terrible. i mean, there are some lol moments, but it’s mostly ridiculous and a waste of reading time. i’d quit, but i don’t quit books.

wanting all the chokers and bodysuits and 90s floral everything. i’m definitely not mad that the 90s are making an effort this summer.

listening to a lot of dmb lately. i may have to see them live this summer. it’s been too long.

watching gilmore girls on Netflix. i didn’t get a chance to watch it way back when, so i’m diving in and LOVING IT. i just started season two.

obsessing over planning my next tattoo. plural. stay tuned…

working on my cooking skills. i’m making healthy meals for my family and i haven’t yet sent anyone to the hospital. imagine that!

eating less shit. see above.

eagerly awaiting a weekend in palm springs with my dude. NO KIDS. READING BOOKS ALL DAY BY THE POOL. SLEEPING IN. NO KIDS. did i mention no kids? eeeeeee. i love palm springs.

random thought: why am i still sitting at my desk on a friday at 4:26? everyone else has left. PEACE. i’m out.

03. June 2016 by paige
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  1. Lady, you should quit books. There are TOO MANY good books (evidence: yours and my Goodreads lists!)

    to whit: http://modernmrsdarcy.com/grown-ups-shouldnt-finish-books-theyre-not-enjoying/

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