our weekend

i feel like monday should be spelled MUNday – partly because it’s mundane and partly because i feel like the letter u is heavier than the letter o. i say MUNday in a deeper voice than MONday. know what i mean? no? eh.

so we had a pretty great weekend! friday was pilates, followed by garage sale organizing, whiskey drinking and halloween decorating. zoey watched monster’s inc for the first time and loved it. that movie holds a special place for me, as it was taylor’s favorite. we have it on VHS, man. old school, right there.

saturday was our garage sale. we didn’t advertise besides the homemade signs at the bottom of our street. we had maybe 10 people show up. it was depressing to stare at all the shit we don’t want and come to the realization that no one else wants our shit either. but we did make about $90. cha-ching! time to go buy more shit!

sunday morning i went for a run, then had a massage. that afternoon we headed out to a birthday party at pump it up – a large building full of bouncy houses and inflatable slides. it was fun. really fun. then football and pizza and chores around the house. needless to say, zoey slept for a total of 20 minutes yesterday. and then i made the mistake of giving her captain crunch with crunch berries at 6 pm… she did not stop talking, singing, dancing, screaming or bossing us around until 9 pm. what is in that cereal? sugar? (kidding.)

the most exciting part of my weekend was supposed to be the season premier of the walking dead, but it wasn’t set to record at 9, so mark had to record it at 11. i was determined to stay up and watch it, but in my old-ish age i feel asleep on the couch.

i should’ve had crunch berries.

anyway, hope ya’ll had a nice weekend.

14. October 2013 by paige
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  1. So utterly obsessed with The Walking Dead. I’m watching reruns already!!! Great job on the new blog by the way.

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