summer to fall remix / the summer dress

hey friends!  i thought i’d try something a little different – a mini series on transitioning a few of my summer favorites to fall/winter.  unfortunately, it’s nowhere near cool enough to pile on the layers or slip into my cozy sweaters, so this is more or less a sneak peek into what i will wear as the temps begin to drop.

the summer dress.  ladies, we all have one… that go-to dress that carries you through the summer.  it’s light, it’s pretty, it makes you feel good and it requires zero brain power – slip it on and go!  done.

in the fall version above, i’ve kept it simple, but fall/winter appropriate.  a little layering goes a long way!  plus…big, slouchy, boxy sweaters are in.  so grab your coziest and throw it on over your favorite summer dress.  this is one summer item that doesn’t require being stored in a box all winter!  *fist pump*

thanks for following along!  i’ll be back with another remix, soon.

in case you missed it:  summer to fall remix // the maxi skirt

dress – local boutique
kimchi blue sweater
candies booties – no longer available
gage huntley + clyde’s rebirth necklaces

16. October 2013 by paige
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  1. good one. i like the way you transitioned it. wish i could just grab a sweater and sweat my ass off…

  2. Your style is always flawless, Paige. Adore this easy transition. I’ve been working the boxy sweaters + dresses & booties and I’m obsessed. Will be wearing it ALL fall long!!

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

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