sunday on the patio

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hello!  just a little update… zoey seems to be doing much better (she’s managing the pain and knows her limits), so she’s back in school.  friday and saturday were a little rough (for me) because she wanted constant attention and mark was at work and i’m not used to entertaining a 2-year-old all day long.  props to you, stay at home moms!  (the ones who actually stay at home with their kids all day.  not the ones who drop their kids off at day care for a few hours while they shop and spin and get spray tans.)  no, the ones who actually spend hours upon hours with their children.  you are quite amazing.  by saturday afternoon, i was like goldie hawn in overboard when she’s in shock, mumbling on the couch while the boys throw grapes at her face.  such a great scene.   

anyway, i was granted some much-needed mommy time on sunday – pilates, followed by sunbathing and some easy-reading on the patio.  it’s not a big space, but it’s big enough for water play and sidewalk chalk and all the things that make a very hot day, quite bearable.  i did not however, have a hunky man in white shorts fanning me.  boooo.  i had a crisp, cold rose’ though!

i’m planning to snap more photos, more often with the “nice” camera, so i hope you don’t mind me sharing.  (i mean, who doesn’t want to see photos of grilled chicken?)

happy monday, friends!

14. July 2014 by paige
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  1. Oh my gosh! Your little lady is so precious!

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