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leopard coat

All I really want to say about these photos is that I have a ridiculously talented friend who makes me and my clothing look way better than we actually do. Thank you, Stacey! I hope I wasn’t too much of a diva. … Continue reading

15. February 2017 by paige
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just reading, quoting, boating, babein, hanging with my girl zoey, getting my hair did… you know – the usual. i finished reading beautiful ruins by jess walter a few days ago and i must say – it’s one of the most intriguing … Continue reading

09. December 2014 by paige
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sunday on the patio

hello!  just a little update… zoey seems to be doing much better (she’s managing the pain and knows her limits), so she’s back in school.  friday and saturday were a little rough (for me) because she wanted constant attention and mark was … Continue reading

14. July 2014 by paige
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4th of july weekend

it was a pretty fantastic weekend. i had some time to kill on thursday afternoon, so i perused the local goodwill.  walked away with a couple of goodies, but the nearly brand new steve martin book for 99 cents was the golden … Continue reading

07. July 2014 by paige
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(images borrowed from here.) i am absolutley head over heels for these whimsical drawings by kerstin hiestermann.  she uses her iphone, various editing apps, random props and her playful imagination to dream up some pretty adorable photos.  and they’re for sale! for more… … Continue reading

18. October 2013 by paige
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our weekend

i feel like monday should be spelled MUNday – partly because it’s mundane and partly because i feel like the letter u is heavier than the letter o. i say MUNday in a deeper voice than MONday. know what i … Continue reading

14. October 2013 by paige
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our weekend

*this quote.  something i’ve been thinking about a lot, lately.  it’s time to take inventory and reevaluate what’s important to me *another weekend, another cross-country meet.  i’m so proud of taylor. *saturday afternoon.  after the cross-country meet and gymnastics, we … Continue reading

07. October 2013 by paige
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oh sweet friday vol 49

*this vintage dress will be for sale, soon! happy friday, friends! thought i’d share a few links… *zoey is currently obsessed with this ed emberley app – so much fun!  also, if you have any great app suggestions for the toddler … Continue reading

20. September 2013 by paige
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over the weekend

our weekend… zoey demanded pigtails, killed it on the uneven bars at gymnastics and tried lobster tail (she’ll be a caviar eating, champagne sipping olympian by the time she’s 4.)  our power was out for over 3 hours (so hot and miserable), … Continue reading

11. September 2013 by paige
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weekend in photos (& snoozer loser winner announced)

1.  “i draw you, mommy.  see?”  (damn, i’m skinny.) 2.  new running pants by strut-this 3.  prosciutto + figs 4.  estate sale finds 5.  cheers!  beer and cocktails at public school 805 6.  lemon meringue (at public school) 7.  sunday … Continue reading

20. August 2013 by paige
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