the half up topknot

half up topknot2

the thing about topknots is that they’re not as easy as they look.  I’m serious.  I probably watched 10 different youtube videos before it finally clicked… one day two years after the fact.  always late to the party, this one.  anyway, just when I was getting comfortably smug about my perfectly messy topknot, I decided to cut my hair.

so here i am, attempting to master the half up topknot.  honestly, I thought I left the half up ‘do in my middle school locker, but apparently not.  at 35, I’m begrudgingly admitting that I dig it, while my 12 year old self is doing the butterfly (the dance move.  where my 90s peeps at?  heeeeeeey) and yelling too legit to quit – hand gestures and all.

I didn’t have to watch any how to videos this time around, so this is a pretty good first try!
however, as you may know – no two knots ever look the same.

thoughts?  to half up topknot or not to half up topknot, that is the question.


03. June 2015 by paige
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  1. I only really like it on hair your length and shorter. I also don’t like it when people put the topknot right on the top of their heads like a samurai- I like that yours is closer to the back of the head- that is how I would wear it. It’s a trend that has taken me awhile to get behind.

  2. I am ALL about the half-up knot! My hair is even shorter than yours, so while I can handle a baby ponytail in the back, a bun is out of the question unless I rock it half-and-half.

  3. I currently have short hair so this is definitely one of my favorite looks- it gets my hair out of my face, while also having a super cute do!

    Ripped Jeans

    • personally, I think it looks best on shorter hairstyles. thanks for visiting! you’ve got a cute blog. ;)

  4. to half up top knot, definitely! If only I could master it…

    • right?? that’s what I’m saying… there’s a definite art to mastering the topknot. lol mine usually only look good on accident.

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