treebones resort / day two

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day two.

we woke up fairly early and headed to the main lodge to grab breakfast.  eggs, homemade granola, yogurt, fresh fruit – nothing greasy and unhealthy, much to my chagrin.  as i sat there sipping coffee, (btw…how eco-friendly is this: dry fettuccine noodles as coffee stirrers!)  i noticed that most couples were sitting at their tables, trail maps spread out in front of them, planning their day long adventures.  everyone was outfitted in north face vests and hiking pants, merrill boots and camel packs.  the hiker in me started to get that antsy feeling in the pit of my stomach.  why aren’t we planning a 14 mile hike?!  so we discussed it and decided to venture out on a mini hike at the limekiln beach state park, just a few miles up the road.  of course, it did not disappoint – red woods as far as the eye could see, cozy camp sites, a waterfall 2 miles in and beach access.  i could’ve hiked for hours.  it’s so easy to get lost in the greenery, the quiet, the sheer beauty of the nature around us.  i could live in there, amongst those redwoods – build a cabin, turn off my cell phone and find peace in something greater.  mark and i talk all the time about buying a vw van and hitting the open road – exploring the coast, living in campsites, going on adventures with the kids…what could be better?  someday, maybe.  after our hike, we ate lunch at a quaint little restaurant, then sat by the pool drinking wine and enjoying the view.  later that evening, we watched the sunset over the ocean and had the most delicious dinner (mushroom risotto and filet + wine) at the wild coast restaurant

by the end of day two, i considered asking if they were hiring.

read day one.
*photos by mark and paige

31. July 2013 by paige
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  1. Such beautiful pictures, Paige! So makes me want to go camping in the woods!!


  2. Oh I love limekiln! I’ve hiked that same trail to the waterfall. And you’re right about nor cal vs SoCal, it wins every time. Looks like you had a great time!

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