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the culotte is a little bit of an ‘f-you’ piece.  it’s such a power move because it isn’t a conventionally sexy look.  it says, ‘i don’t care and i still look better than you even though you’re wearing a miniskirt.’ it’s androgynous but feminine at the same time. – Lowell Delaney, co-designer of the two-year-old London label, Trager Delaney

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i owned two pairs of cotton culottes several years ago.  i wore them all. the. time.  unfortunately, my fashion sense hadn’t evolved to the point of thinking to style them with a blouse and a pair of heels.  i don’t even know if i was wearing heels that weren’t over 2 inches high (back then.)  in fact, i’m not even so sure culottes were actually in style!  ahead of my time, i tell ya.  *wink wink*

so here we are, 9 years later… i’m ecstatic that this style is “in”, as i find it to be incredibly versatile – dress them up for work or go casual for a brunch date with friends.  more inspiration.  

i know that several of you probably aren’t convinced.  after all, this maxi skirt/wide-leg trouser hybrid of a pant may not flatter all shapes and sizes.  i imagine it probably looks best on tall, leggy gals with skinny ankles, but then again, they may hide those american thighs… know what i’m sayin?

shop culottes on asos.

*quote via this article.

05. February 2015 by paige
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  1. I was JUST looking at and admiring two pairs of culottes in the Anthropologie catalog literally 30 seconds before I saw your post! I’m heading to the anthro in Santa Barbara in like 2 weeks, so I think I’ll definitely try a pair on. I wore them as a kid all of the time- but then again I was in elementary school and a stick so they just *might* look a little different now. ;)

    • style them up and post pics! or just let me know what you think after you’ve tried on a pair or two. :)

      • I’ll definitely let you know. I’m sure I’ll post a pic in the dressing room and put it on Instagram, unless I fall in love and buy a pair, in which case I’ll do a post. :)

  2. I need 10 paris of these stat! I have many skirts this length but somehow no trousers. its kind of sad, no?

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