two thousand fifteen


no resolutions for this girl.  not officially.

2015 is all about no looking back, no expectations… simplifying my life.  focusing on what’s important.  who’s important.  and to remember that it’s okay to make mistakes, because, i mean… you have to make mistakes in order to learn.

also – my health.  but not that run 4 days a week, start some insane new diet health… it’s that, i’m going to be 35 in february so let’s go get moles checked out and have the doc do some blood work and while i’m at it, maybe start taking some vitamins because my hair is thinner than ever and my skin is drier than usual (winter, maybe?) and what the fuck is up with that little wrinkle above the bridge of my nose, between my eyes??  gah! time for old lady face cream!!  but i digress i’m acting like a lunatic it’s just early prevention kinda health.  ya feel me?

looking forward to what 2015 has up its sleeve…

happy new year, friends!

ps.  i lied.  i want a higher butt.  that’s my resolution – to work on dat butt.

01. January 2015 by paige
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  1. I turn 35 this month. I’m right where you are. Moles, wrinkles, dat butt. I’m not one for making resolutions either. Just trying to be a better person, and to be more present. Happy new year to you.

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