txsc / sunday, august 4th

what i wore:
tshirt + trousers – target
blazer – banana republic
*photo not taken in austin

inspiring speakers

i know.  it’s been over a month and i’m still talking about the texas style council.  posting about it is not only meant to be informational for you, but a lesson in starting something and seeing it through to completion for me.  so here we are – finishing up where we left off – day 3.

purchasing with purpose.  merl of clyde’s rebirth and janette of fashion loves people challenged us to think about our shopping habits – where do we shop?  as consumers, are we supporting small businesses?  do we know where our clothing comes from?  it was eye-opening and informational.  the take-away message:  when you buy, spend money in ways that support the values you believe in.  also, merl put together tips on how to be an eco-savvy shopper!  it’s brilliant.  

work + life + blog balance with julie of orchid grey this is something i struggle with every day.  i love blogging, but i have a full-time job, i’m a mom + wife and i have other hobbies that are just as important.  so how do i juggle all of that and keep my sanity? enter julie.  as simple as it may sound, she offered tips on keeping a separate editorial calendar (planning post content weeks ahead of time) and prioritizing my daily activities (independent of blogging.)  the take-away message:  fit the things you love into your life.  not that i want to stretch myself too thin, but if this space is special to me – i’ll find ways to make it happen!  (actually, posting about this now is inspiring me all over again!)  also, the editorial calendar really helps.

secrets to a start-up with kendi of kendi everyday.  i’m so inspired by women like kendi.  women who have a vision or a dream and just go for it.  kendi spoke about her journey from blogger to boutique owner – her mistakes, her successes, and what she learned along the way.  the take-away message:  excitement is your best marketing tool.  which is true for just about anything in life – whether you’re a blogger, a jewelry designer or an author.  so get excited about your endeavors and others will, too.

after the talks, the speakers rallied for one last q + a session and then it was over!  we trudged back to the hotel in the heat and vegged out until we met up with a bunch of bloggers at a little bar.  it was nice to sit and chat with some of these ladies over mojitos and chips and salsa.  although we’re all so different, this one common hobby has brought us together.  oddly enough, friendships were solidified that night and a few of us chat nearly every day.

overall, it was a great experience and i plan to go back.  until next year!

get caught up: day one // day two

19. September 2013 by paige
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  1. I still wanna steal those pants off your hot lil legs!!!

  2. I like chatting nearly every day with hot babes;)

  3. You can keep writing about it, Paige! Sounds like Texas was fabulous! I’d totally love to hang out with you ladies…maybe one day I’ll be able to go!

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