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halloween.  i just wasn’t feeling it this year.  taylor was at astro camp and zoey doesn’t really get it.  i remember being apprehensive at that age about walking up to stranger’s homes, too.  so, fine.  she was happiest running to the door and passing out candy.  which was equally as adorable.  i don’t even have a photo of her in the cowgirl costume.  mom of the year, over here!

anyway, this is what i wore to the office.  i like that it’s not too costume-y, but there’s no confusion – i am dressed as a hippie.  and the best part… everything, head to toe, came out of my closet.  i’m actually wondering if that’s not the scariest part, because several of my fellow coworkers made mention that they could see me wearing this on a normal day.

meh, whatever!

peace love and happiness, people.  get on board.

vintage blouse
thrifted gap cardigan
jeans – anthropologie (a couple of years old)

01. November 2013 by paige
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  1. I love this!!! And seriously, your hair was kind of meant for this look. I almost mourn how groovy you’d have been in the 60s/70s. There definitely would be a famous song about you.

    And we weren’t really feeling it this year either. I always look forward to it so much, but then it comes and it’s like, “ehhhllll….. do I really wanna?”

    But I really do want to see Cowgirl Z.

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