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hello!  it’s been crickets here, eh?  sorry about that, but i’ve got some real life shit going on and i’m not exactly ready to share.  if ever.  i’m okay though and i’m still getting dressed every day and i wanna share that, so i’m hoping you’ll meet me in the middle and give me some virtual high-fives for even showing up.  i want to write more, i could write novels, i’m sure, but i’m struggling with how to put all my thoughts/feelings together so that they make sense to someone other than myself.  then again, i say that every time i talk about writing more.  in other news – the kids are filling my heart with so much love, i’m reading a lot (let’s be friends on goodreads!), i rely on pilates to put me in a happy, sane place and i’m dreaming of saturday afternoons at the beach.

so that’s that.

onto the important stuff.  what i’m wearing…

quilted sweatshirt – target
skinny jeans – gap
flats – sam & libby for target
bag – aimee kestenberg
belt – diament designs
sunglasses – gap (but i can’t find them on the website!)

29. April 2014 by paige
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  1. you look amazing, lady. I’m completely in love with that sweatshirt – like, I may have to go to Target tonight to buy it (and all the things). I’m sorry you’re going through some hard stuff, but just know we love you. xo

  2. Lovely to see your gorgeous face… and how I love this outfit. Especially your shoes!! <3 Best of luck with everything Paige, we've had our share of hard ships this past year too. Thinking of you!! xoxo

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