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date night.  very important for married couples…especially if you have children.  it’s nice to get away… even if just down the street for a quiet dinner and uninterrupted conversation.

as i was getting ready, my mind wandered to my single days… days of eharmony dis connections and blind dates – quite possibly more exciting/scary than going on a date with someone you see every day, but not without its own anxieties and potential insecurities.  what do we talk about?  will he notice this pimple on my chin?  and most importantly: should i shave my legs??

ahhh…those were the days.  ?

in opposition to those thoughts, i shared the following “married woman” sentiments via facebook, hoping to get a knowing smirk or an amen here or there from my married friends…

reason #113 why being married might be better than being single:  it’s date night with your husband… and the pimple on your chin causes ZERO stress.  yeehaw. 

reason #114:  the push up bra stays home.  i mean…what’s there to “push up” after two kids, anyway?

reason #115:  i can get sloppy drunk.  and while that’s frowned upon on a first date, my husband will undoubtedly be excited with the idea. 

so anyway, if there was a point to this story it might be – sure, you wake up to that dragon breath every morning and maybe conversation is lacking, but cover that zit no matter how many times your husband has seen you without makeup, wear that push up bra proud and go ahead and get sloppy drunk.  because why not.

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25. February 2014 by paige
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  1. I love this look! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. xo

  2. Such a great attitude! I will remember this on my next date night … especially the push up bra.

  3. Love how simple, chic and feminine this is!

    xo, Nina

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