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ah, valentine’s day.  it’s not really my cup of tea.  if you love someone, tell them daily.  if you wanna buy me flowers, do it on a random thursday in june.  i’m just saying… one shouldn’t need a specific day of the year to get fancy and wow their luv-ah.  we sat on the couch and watched the walking dead.  i ate chocolate covered frozen bananas.  nothing says romance like flesh-eating zombies and me in my pajamas.  but…to each their own.

i will say this though – pink pumps.  you say valentine’s day and i bust out the pink pumps.

top – marshall’s (similar)
gap skinnies
shoemint bess pumps
– sold out (similar)
clutch – shelter protects you
necklace – c.o gage huntley

19. February 2014 by paige
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  1. You’re too funny! I agree with you though. We dumped the kids at my SIL’s and then got Thai food and watched a show back at home. Maybe we’re getting old…

    Perfect outfit, lady. Cute and casual with pops of glam in the shoes and bag…perfect.

  2. p.s. give me more words! i miss your writing! (and i know you like writing! maybe a secret writing blog that only i can read?? deal)

  3. sexy ginge-ah!
    (i hope that sounded right when you read it in your head)

    you’re so perdy paige. i like this flowy/skinny outfit.

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